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Arrabbiata Sausage Bowl

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17888 arrabbiata overhead johnsonville-1

This recipe takes the kid-friendly trend of burrito in a bowl and infuses it with the spicy, classic flavor of Italian Arrabbiata.  

Arrabbiata Sausage Bowl

Serves 4-6 people

17888 arrabbiata sausage bowl


 • 1 package Johnsonville Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage Italian StyleWith Cheese


• 1 can white cannellini beans

• 1 jar spicy arrabbiata tomato sauce

• 2 cloves garlic

• 1 cup sliced, deseeded bell peppers



• Basil

• Red chili flakes

• stock/water


• Italian Bread (slice and grill)

• Spinach

• Shaved Parmesan cheese


Dice sausage into small pieces. Slice garlic and peppers.


In a soup pot over medium heat, sauté sausage and garlic until lightly browned. Add tomato sauce. Add beans and ½ cup stock or water. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Finish with Italian bread and shaved Parmesan cheese.  For more greens in the dish, add spinach with the tomato sauce.

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