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Art Grants for Women

Art Grants for Women

Money is Available to Promote and Assist Women Artists

There are numerous art grants for women available from different organizations or from the government. If you are searching for grants, you should search for art grants and then search for grants for women. Also you should search for grants based on your personal situation. Some programs will help women in the arts such as single moms, other programs will help women who are returning to school, and still others will help people who have a specific artistic talents they wish to share with schools or communities. It is important to think of every little thing that makes your situation as a female artist unique when you are searching for grants.

Art Grants for Women In Communities and Schools

Any grant search should start with the school that you want to go to. Art schools and other colleges frequently have grant or scholarship programs that you can apply for. The federal government is another good spot to look for art grants for women. The National Endowment of the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities both offer many grants that can help artists. Many state governments also have grant programs for artists. You can search your state's grants by going to your state office of the arts or your state arts commission. Schools and governments can be the best source for grants for artists but they are not the only sources.

Many non-profit organizations help fund artists and students studying art. The Foundation Center in New York is a hub for over 75,000 organizations that offer grants. They also provide information to help you search for grants so that you find the ones that best suit your needs. Another database of non-profit organizations that offer grants is provided by Guidestar in Williamsburg, VA. Still other grants and grant giving organizations can be found if you search for art grants for women in any internet search engine.

Another way to search for grants is to analyze your specific situation. Do you want to start or expand your art business? The Small Business Administration has offices all around the country and special services for women business owners. Balance Bar is one company that offers yearly grants to women business owners. Do you live in Kentucky? If so, the Kentucky Foundation for Women provides grants to female artists who live in Kentucky. Are you a sculptor?  The National Sculpture Society in New York provides grants for sculptors only. You should also look to professional artists organizations for grant money to help you with your work or to go back to school for your trade. Another place to look is your job. There are companies that offer grants to their employees and their employee's children so that they can go back to school.

There isn't anyone out there who is going to find you grant money for free. Many programs that you pay for will just send you to one of the free government sites. Almost every division of the federal government has a website and if they offer grants, they will have a link on their home page.  It takes persistance to hunt down grants and some work to apply for them. You may have to search through a lot of government and non-profit sites before you find an art grants for women that will fit your work.

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