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Artist-Photographs-Herself-as-5-Generations-of-Women-in-Her-FamilyMcConnell's mother, born 1957. Photo Credit: Christine McConnell

Christine McConnell had been told she looked like her mother. In an effort to further explore this resemblance and to see what other features had been passed down through the generations, the photographer created a series called "7 Generations of American Women," replicating photographs of her maternal family back 200 years.

"As long as I can remember, there’s been this picture of my mom in that red dress hanging in the stairwell. We’ve always been told we look alike, and when I turned 32 my mom gave me the red dress from the photo (in which she was 32). After which the thought came to me that if I were to replicate the image as well as possible, would I see more similarities? When I was done I was really surprised, which motivated me to go back in time as far as I could to see what gets passed down through one line of women," McConnell told HLN Magazine of her work.

The results are stunning...


 McConnell's grandmother, born 1928. (Photo Credit: Christine McConnell)


McConnell's great-great grandmother, born 1858. (Photo Credit: Christine McConnell)


Christine as herself, born 1981. (Photo Credit: Christine McConnell)

We love the fact that not only did McConnell replicate the hair, makeup and clothing of the time, she also replicated the feel of the photo. To see more of the photos, visit her Facebook or Instagram.

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