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17305 ArtsCraftsKidsAsk any parent and they will tell you that escaping the "mommy, I'm bored" cry is not easy!  Boredom can take hold at any time and can turn a happy day into a stressful mess. Instead of spending another the day in front of the television, try some of these fun arts and crafts activities that can be a ton of fun for everyone involved, no matter how old.

Make Your Own Summer Snow Globe

In case you haven't gotten enough of the outdoors, bring some of that fun charm inside can liven up a whole room. You probably already have the necessary supplies in your kitchen, so go get globin'! Hoopla Kidz has a great video showing you how easy it can be.

Paint Pops

With just a little clay, paint, and creativity, you can whip up a whole batch of these fun decorations. They're great for young kids since they don't require heat or scissors and are super fun to make!

Paper Spring Flowers 

Can't get enough of those pretty flowers? These paper replacements will last through even the hottest days! They're easy to make and work as cute decorations your kids will be proud of. 

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