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as-seen-on-tv-fitness-products-testSpark your fitness program and see results! 

If you are looking for a few new products to add to your home gym, these four items might be just what you need. As seen on NBC Chicago's morning news and WCIU's You & Me This Morning, these products not only receive a thumbs up but a few good discounts too.

bodywrenchThe Body Wrench 

This tool (pictured left) that helps you stretch and strengthen your muscles is unique in that you can configure the product into many different uses. It comes with a short bar and four circular knobs that can be attached to to create a few different shapes. From rolling out tired muscles to using the rollers for core and glute work, this tool is a great gift for runners or anyone who loves to try something new. For two monthly payments of $45 you'll receive One Body Wrench P3R, one storage bag and one instructional DVD. 

Posture Fit Bar

This is a short weighted bar with a neck pad that helps realign your posture with just a few minutes of movement a day. The founder, Dr. Liz Welch, noticed the poor posture and back pain from her chiropractic clients. She wanted to help them realign the working muscles to better posture and take the weight off the spine. By working with the bar, the body starts to remember correct alignment and posture improves.  Priced at $99 it has great versatility to be used in other fitness exercises to develop a total body workout.

fitness-products-test-versaflexxVersaflexx Home Starter Kit 

This resistance band home gym kit (pictured right) is versatile, easy-to-use and easy on the check book. Priced at $149, you'll receive Versaflexx STARTER System including: Pairs of Yellow 5lbs Swivel Clip Tubing, Gray 9lbs Swivel Clip Tubing, Green 12lbs Swivel Clip Tubing, Red 18lbs Swivel Clip Tubing, Pair Handle Grip, Pair Ankle Strap, Pair Short Door Anchor, Pair Long Door/Column Anchor, Back Pack Carry Bag and Total Body Workout Video Exercises. Resistance bands offer an easier and safer alternative to working with free weights.  


This unique take on an old favorite "the ab roller wheel" puts these movements in range of anybody's reach. Because the wheel is replaced by a ball the movement patterns can be done in any direction. It comes with three DVD's and moves that a beginner to pro athlete can do. It's really simple too. Just sit on the ground and place your hands on the Rock360 as you push out to the side. Trainers like it because it moves easily and works on those oblique and core muscles; you'll like it because it works.

Of course, any of these products can produce total body results but keep in mind, all of them cost less than a gym membership.  

Learn more about Andrea, America's Fitness Celebrity, here

Photo Credits: Body Wrench, Posture Fit Bar, Versaflexx, Rock360

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