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Super Girl Project

Super Girls Who Are Smart Women

Super Girls Who Are Smart Women
It is casually called the "Genius Grant" because, like the name implies, you kind of have to be a genius to get it. The MacArthur Foundation announced the 2016 list of artists, creatives, scientists and musicians who each get...

Ashley Pettit - Fit. Tasty. Fun.

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Fit. Tasty. Fun.

by Ashley Pettit

Ashley Pettit, founder of healthy living brand Ashley Pettit Living, has become a leading name as an expert in wellness. With a BA in English: Journalism, a MS in Holistic Nutrition, and several certifications in fitness and cooking, she combines her skills to provide a well-rounded experience for followers to address all areas of their lives so they can Live Healthy, With Style. Ashley has been a featured guest on several local and national print and broadcast news outlets and posts regularly on her website: www.ashleypettitliving.com.

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