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Ask the Expert: 5 First Date Mistakes

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ask-the-expert-5-mistakes-a-woman-makes-on-a-first-dateFirst dates are always stressful and sometimes awkward. Don’t make these five mistakes! 

We’ve all had a few first dates where some things didn’t go as planned. Okay, many things didn’t go as planned. Save yourself and your date by avoiding the classic five mistakes women make on a first date

Are you going on a blind date soon? Or just simply going on a date with a guy you’ve known for a while? We talked to expert dating coach Adam LoDolce to find out the truth about which dating mistakes could cost you that second date!

Top 5 First Date Mistakes 

1. What are you looking for?

Don’t ask what he is looking for. “Most men fall under the relationship seeking category ‘I’m not looking for anything, but if the right girl comes around, then of course I’d want her as my girlfriend,’” says LoDolce. Asking your date if he’s looking for a relationship on the first date will only make him want to run for the hills. 

AdamLoDolces Headshot22. The ex factor 

Don’t ask or talk about previous relationships. Past relationships do tend to come up in conversations, but try to avoid it. “Men don’t want to think about you with any other men even if it’s in the past,” LoDolce advises. 

3. Me, me, me 

Don’t talk about yourself too much. Did you know that women speak 13,000 more words per day than men? LoDolce knows! “This doesn’t mean you should be doing all of the talking. The way to get a guy (or anyone) to like you is to ask engaging questions, not doing all of the talking.” 

4. Don’t booze it up 

Don’t drink too much. Alcohol leads to bad decisions. If you are looking for a one-night fling, by all means, drink as you might normally. However, if you’re looking for something more serious, limit yourself to 1-2 drinks tops. It’ll show him that you’re “girlfriend material,” says LoDolce.

5. Is this a date?

Don’t assume it’s a date. “Since online dating is so commonplace, it’s important to note that if you’re on a first online date, it’s not REALLY a date. It’s a meet and greet,” he says. The same rules don’t apply: you can’t assume he’s attracted to you, and your first impression is everything. When you first meet him, smile and be prepared to wow him with an engaging story, LoDolce suggests. 

Follow these rules and you can rest assure you won’t commit any of the classic dating mistakes that tend to ruin a first date. Now, let’s go get you that second date!

To learn more about the top dating mistakes and about LoDolce, visit his website at sexyconfidence.com. 

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