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ask-the-expert-college-weight-lossAre you trying to lose weight? I am here to help you.

I get a ton of emails looking for help or advice when it comes to people looking to lose weight. Here is a recent letter from a college student, Dalia.

Dalia: Hi, my name is Dalia and I am a college student. I am 18 years old and 5"5. I am struggling with my weight because I weigh 214 pounds and I need to lose 70 pounds. Please help me, thank you.

Andrea: I'm glad you reached out and I'm happy to help you. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are ready to start your journey.

1. Am I ready to be committed to a plan?

The thing with weight loss is that it's always within your power, but you have to be ready to harness that power from within and stay on course. It's much like high school... It takes time to become that senior and as a freshman, you have no doubts that you'll get there, but it still takes about four years. If you can view yourself with the understanding that losing weight is a process and not an overnight  journey, you WILL be successful and are ready to begin the journey.

2. How good of a student will you be on your own program?

Someone who completes the work gets a "C" on the report card. That means they can master something, but results are slow. Those that take the work and really apply themselves receive an "A." You will see how much better you're doing than everyone else and you really have the results you want. Both will graduate, but one will reach their goal to a greater degree than the other. Can you be the "A" student in the weight loss program so you can see and feel results faster?

The simple equation to weight loss is writing down what you eat (and being honest about it) as well as starting an exercise program to expedite results. I'm here for you and can help guide you, motivate you, and even check in if you help me help you!


I'm here for all Womensforum audience members.  If you need help with making a lifestyle change, please connect with me: Andrea@Womensforum.com. Let me help you be your best and live a healthier, happier life!

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