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ask-the-expert-do-self-help-books-really-helpWhatever the topic of the book, how well do self-help books help people?

There are self-help books on everything from weight loss and dating to parenting and religion. But, do they really help? Dave Kehnast, an affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching, says that the content of the average self-help book can be extremely helpful and relevant to the life of the average reader.


self-help books photo“However, I think that for the average person, they provide temporary inspiration and end up on the book shelf until the next one comes along.” Do you use self-help books?

What Categorizes a Self-Help Book?

“To be honest, I'm not sure what categorizes ‘self help,’ but there are a multitude of books out there on making more money, loving and healing yourself, having better relationships, being more spiritual, the Law of Attraction, and just about anything else that a person may need help with,” says Kehnast. Those who write the books are in action as a reflection of something deep and purposeful, while those who read them tend to be focused more on gaining insight, he says.

How Well do They Help?

“They definitely have the potential to do so. If the average person who read them applied all that he or she saw or learned, their lives would transform,” he advises.

Kehnast prefers self-help books with a spiritual side and feels that they are the most helpful. “I think people use these types of books because they want answers and quick fixes.” He has read many self-help books and some of the stuff stuck with him and some didn't. Another major plus to these books is that they are affordable. Some people just can’t afford a therapist.

Although, Kehnast says that some people think he or she can just read a book and improve their situation without any real action or investment in themselves. If you decide to read a self-help book, get actively involved and use that knowledge towards changing your life for the better!

Have you ever read a self-help book? How well did they work? Tell us about your favorite self-help book on Facebook or Twitter! To learn more about how self-help books can help you or to learn more about Kehnast, visit him at accomplishmentcoaching.com. 

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