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ask-the-experts-how-to-change-up-your-styleWhether it’s for tonight’s date or forever, learn how to change your clothing style fast! You just put the kids to bed, worked out, did the dishes then looked in the mirror. Maybe you wish you saw someone with a different clothing style or someone who was more glamorous. Moms, you have so many commitments and it’s okay to not wear heels while you do the laundry. But, if you think it’s time to do something for you, we have some great tips to change up your clothing and personal style in a quick and frugal way.

We talked to expert Corinne Phipps, owner of Urban Darling, a national wardrobe styling service agency she solely founded in 2006. “Personal style is subjective to each person,” Phipps says. “Fashion is very fluid and not meant to be taken seriously. I think women define themselves over time.” So don’t be sad mommies; we’ve got some great solutions for you to change up your style.

Spice Up Your Style

We also spoke with Stylist Natasha Thomas of Urban Darling. Both Thomas and Phipps say that one of the most common ways to change up your style is finding style inspiration in fashion magazines. “I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true.  Magazines can assist all women who are looking for a quick fashion fix.” Thomas and Phipps say that style publications are trend-setters and can guide a woman in creating a new wardrobe whether she shops at Neiman Marcus or Target.

Corinne Headshot

Phipps says first, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, has stains and is tired-looking.  When you have stripped down your closet and are left with things that fit, you are better prepared and not tempted to wear the “old favorites." You can begin to build again. “Get new shoes! One of the easiest upgrades is a new pair of shoes, trust me on that one,” Phipps says.

Stay Frugal and Fabulous

Run out and get a few new T-shirts.

Try a new lipstick color.

Buy a new bag in an unlikely color for you (yellow, turquoise, red.)

Shop at lower-priced stores.

“Nothing is concrete for a woman; we are flexible and certainly are ‘super women’ at times with the juggling acts we complete,” Phipps says. “A woman can still own a sense of style. It doesn’t have to be high-fashion (or even no-fashion for that matter). It’s about caring how you present yourself to the world.”

Phipps is a self-taught marketing/branding maven. She resides in Silicon Valley with her husband Chris and 2-year-old daughter Lucille Katharine. Phipps hates to cook, she says, but can vacuum like no one else she knows. On her nightstand there are three books: “Night Circus,” “Monster Loyalty” and “Boneshaker.”

Learn more about her, how to change up your style and Urban Darling at www.urbandarling.com.               

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