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Home Valentine's Day Ask the Expert: Perfect Curly Hair for Valentine’s Day

Ask the Expert: Perfect Curly Hair for Valentine’s Day

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Ask the Expert Perfect Curly Hair for Valentines DayGive yourself a romantic, curly up-do that’s long lasting and flawless! 

This Valentine’s Day, curl your hair to perfection! Hairstylist Josselyn Luna has some simple steps for creating the perfect curly hairdo for your romantic Valentine’s Day date. Luna says that curls are a definite go-to hairstyle for Valentine’s Day and we’ve got the best professional tips and steps. Your man won’t be able to resist you if you’re rocking this hairdo!

Creating the Perfect Curls

  1. Begin with damp hair and apply your choice of heat protector. “I personally love products that have Moroccan oil because they leave your hair soft and smelling great!” suggests Luna.
  2. Blow dry hair completely and comb out all knots.
  3. “I have really long hair so I like to separate my hair into three sections. I start off with the longest layer and the second longest layer and then my shortest layer,” she says.
  4. Start with the longest layer and grab sections of hair that are about 1- 1-½ inches. You can use either a curling wand or a regular curling iron.
  5. Wrap your first section of hair around the curling wand or curling iron. Hold for about 20 seconds.
  6. Curl your longest layer of hair, second longest layer, and shortest layer.
  7. Once you reach the hair near the frame of your face, make sure you curl the hair away from your face. This will prevent hair being in your face.
  8. “Once you finish curling all of your hair I like to run my fingers through my hair. Then you can spray your hair with the hair spray of your choice,” suggests Luna. “For a special occasion like this I personally like to use Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. It holds the curls all night long.”

Ways to Rock Your Curls 

  • Tease the top crown of your head to create a full, sexy hairstyle.
  • Braid the front part of your hair with a normal French braid. It will create a flirty playful look perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

“A great tip! When you grab the second section of hair, wrap the hair in the opposite direction,” suggests Luna. For example, if you wrapped the first section away from your face, wrap the second section towards your face. “This trick will create fuller hair and it will prevent the curls from becoming entwined.” What’s your favorite way to wear your hair for Valentine’s Day?

Photo: Photos.com

YouTube: lilisimply



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