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ask-the-expert-the-negatives-to-counting-calories-nutsDid you know that cutting calories for a diet has a lot of negatives you may not be aware of?

“When people start to diet they cut out calories because that is what we’re all told to do,” says nutritionist Sheila Amir. Whatever fad diet you try, cutting out the number of calories you eat each time is the number one thing we start with. But, that could be harmful to your weight loss success.

“Yes eating more calories than you expend will eventually result in weight gain. But that’s only part of the picture,” says Amir.

ask-the-expert-the-negatives-to-counting-caloriesWhy Do People Cut Calories?

Amir says that every person looks for another fad diet, another miracle food that will cure all and another reminder to ‘watch for calories.’ Very few individuals know what a calorie is, let alone how many you need in a day for weight maintenance, health or weight loss. 

“It’s like if you were driving through the forest and all the signs simply read ‘WATCH.’ You don’t know if you’re watching for animals crossing the road, falling rocks, or slippery roads,” explains Amir.

“The result is individuals reading the labels for calories, eating more processed foods because they list the calories on there, and not getting healthy in the end. The healthiest foods don’t come with calorie labels, at least I’ve never seen them on my produce.”

Foods People Cut Out the Most 

Amir says that people cut out nuts because they are higher in calories. Unless a person has a health reason not to eat nuts, it’s absolutely crazy not to eat them. They’re loaded with nutrition and great for snacking on throughout the day or on the go.

People cut out healthy fats when they really shouldn’t.

“The first diets over a century ago were based on the logic that if you have excess fat tissue in your body, you should eat less fat and it will solve the problem,” explains Amir. “Since then we’ve progressed a lot in science, logic, and reason, yet fat remains the villain.”

Fat is a nutrient that does a lot for the body. Healthy fats result in a healthy glow. Plus you need fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K. Plus, it helps a person feel full.

“Think back to when you or someone you know was on a fat free diet. Constant hunger is a major side effect of giving up fat! 

How You Can Fix It 

Every time you eat or drink, it is an opportunity for nutrition. When you severely limit your intake, you severely limit your opportunities. It’s not exclusively about the calories in the food, but rather the nutrition within those calories. 

Definitely something to chew on.

Check out Amir's website at www.nutritionwithsheila.com to see more information for all your nutritional needs. 



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