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Having trouble meeting Mr. Right? Our experts have the answers on the best places to meet men!

Picking up a man, a good man, can be a hard task, right ladies? We talked to two experts who know where to go to meet sweet and interesting men and some places, you may have never even thought about! We talked to Sierra Faith, Relationship and Dating Coach and Adam LoDolce, Dating-Confidence Coach. Grab your fellow single girlfriends and head to these hottest spots to meet single men looking for a woman just like you! Have no fear, Mr. Right is near!

Sierra Faith’s Advice 


Faith says that women usually don’t understand what kind of person to look for. “Women are judging or discerning who they want to meet based on whether they think the guy is cute or handsome, and whether they like the same stuff, and often they’re going to have a disappointing experience.” 

Faith thinks that the best place to meet a man is online. “There’s millions of people online. 1 out of 10 marriages starts with online dating.” 

“I think that the stigma that used to be attached to online dating really needs to be removed because there’s millions of men literally out there that’ll work pretty hard to make it happen if a woman just shows up,” says Faith. 

When you see a man, Faith says don’t speak first. She says you can smile, make eye contact but don’t speak and let him come to you.

Where Are All the Men At? 

“The old paradigm is to go out where there’s a lot of alcohol, like bars or clubs, and meet people there and I think that’s pretty unsatisfying for most people,” she says. So, where do you go instead? 

  • Volunteer work with an organization that supports your core values and meet men there! 
  • Singles events.
  • Take a cooking class, or just take a class that would appeal to both sexes.
  • Meet and greet groups seem to be populated by women, Faith warns. 
  • “It’s always great to look for events that have some kind of a happy hour after the event,” she says. But Faith warns that an event or location where alcohol is a major part of the activity is not great. 
  • When you go to these events, Faith says to wear color. “Men are really visual so women should wear a deep saturated color like red, blue or purple rather than black. Also, wear it around your face.” 
  • At the events, show some skin. Faith says that men associate skin with accessibility, health, touch-ability, and looking smart.

Warning Signs 

  1. “Often more narcissistic men will complain right away. And they’ll do it in a way like to say ‘Well, what a dull party’ or ‘wow you’re the most interesting woman I’ve met.’ You don’t want them,” Faith says.
  2. Men who talk about money, not a good sign either.

Adam LoDolce’s Advice 

“Women have to remember that guys are absolutely terrified to approach women. They are. Men that I work with and men in general; it’s not a comfortable thing especially, if they’re attracted to you,” says LoDolce. He advises you give a man any indicator that they can get up and come over. Otherwise he’s not going to do it. 

Where to Find the Right Man

  • He says the best place is at various social clubs.  
  • Single events.
  • Speed-dating events. 
  • “I don’t want to close off the bar, it’s more of the type of bar you’re going to. There are ‘higher-up’ lounges where there is a little bit quieter of an atmosphere and the drinking isn’t as intense,” says LoDolce. 
  • LoDolce thinks that online dating is not the best place; going out in the world and dating, is the best place to be. 

“Every hour spent cruising on an online dating site; that could be 10 hours spent going out and meeting people, making friends, building your social circle, building your network because you know what, who knows, maybe you’ll meet another girl who has a guy friend who could be right for you,” he says.

Dating Tips 

  • If you see a guy that you’re interested in, you can even give him a little bit of a smile and start the conversation. “I am a huge proponent of women taking initiative of starting the conversation. You should be generally easy to approach but hard to obtain,” LoDolce advises. 
  • “Smock.” Which is smiling and talking at the same time. 
  • Keep in mind your body language. 
  • Keep the conversation light. “There’s this tendency to want to dive into a really heavy topic especially if women have been single for awhile and they are looking for a serious relationship,” he says. 

If you’re looking for your soulmate or are just curious as to where all the cute and interesting men are, try going to these best places to meet a man. To learn more about Faith, visit her website at onlinedatingcoach.net and learn more about LoDolce by going to his site at adamlodolce.com/women

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