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biggest-job-interview-mistakes-ORIGINALSIZELearn what mistakes people make in job interviews so you can land that future job! 

Dear job seeking readers, you may be making some job interview mistakes and not even realize it! Whether you're just out of college and looking for your first "real" job or you're a mom who hasn’t been to a job interview in a little while and is looking for a new career, we talked to two career coaches to find out what are the most common job interview mistakes. See what our experts say are the biggest job interview mistakes

Job Interview Mistakes 

Rob Sullivan, career coach, speaker and author says that people sometimes don’t show their enthusiasm in what they are applying for. Sullivan says that being hopeful to do well and hopeful to get the job is not an effective strategy. He says to think of these questions: 

  • How can I demonstrate that I’ve done everything that they are looking for? 
  • What have I done that goes above and beyond what they are asking for? 
  • What stories do I need to tell? 
  • What accomplishments do I need to highlight?

Stacey Lane, career coach and consultant says that sometimes people make the mistake of going into an interview feeling a little overconfident. They may think, “If I can get the interview then I can get the job.”

Lane says another big mistake interviewees make is not making eye contact with the interviewer, which is important to do.

Tips for Landing the Job

Sullivan's Job Interview Tips

expert-male-Rob-SullivanSullivan says to think of the bigger picture going into your interview. Here are some helpful tips Sullivan suggests: 

Research who these people are and what the company is all about.

“Don’t hesitate to call the receptionist and ask about the dress code. You don’t have to identify yourself. Just say you’re coming in for an interview in a couple weeks and wanted to know what the dress code was.”

“Don’t wear too much makeup or perfume. That can be a problem because a lot of people are sensitive to smells and I’m one of them and if you’ve given me headache within 5 minutes of your arrival because of your perfume choice, I’m not going to hear a word you’ve said,” Sullivan says. 

says to avoid saying you are proficient in Microsoft Suite. “If you’re not proficient in it, I’m seriously concerned,” he laughs. If you are going into a typical interview, you are college educated, have a resume; they will assume you are proficient in Microsoft Suite and you don’t have to mention it unless it’s a job where a level of expertise is required beyond what people already know about it.

Lane's Job Interview Tips


Lane says you should ask yourself what makes you unique? Think of something you have done in the past that this new company would particularly be interested in and use that in the interview. Lane has some useful tips to do well in the interview: 

Practice your answers.

Research the organization.

Write down answers, look in the mirror and get rid of the filler words such as um.

“Make sure your answers are really tight. Most people go on and on because they get nervous,” Lane advises.

Dress professionally; wear something you feel comfortable in. Don’t wear something that will detract the attention of the interviewer. 

Record your practice answers so you can hear yourself is a great way to avoid an interview mistake.

Use these tips our experts have provided for your next job interview and try your best to avoid these biggest interview mistakes. Sullivan says to come up with a list of things you want to get across before your interview. Check out his site for more information. And remember, “Interviewers want you to be successful, they want to hire somebody,” says Lane. Check out her site for more information. Good luck in your job search! 

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