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ask-the-experts-easy-and-fun-crafts-for-kidsKeep the kids busy and entertained with these craft ideas from our three experts!

Are you looking for a fun, but easy, craft idea for your kids to do? Well, look no further! We have a bundle of craft ideas for your bundles of joys to make at home during the weekends, a rainy day, or as a whole family after dinner!

Our two crafty mommy experts have some great craft ideas with step-by-step directions, a list of materials you'll need and photos. Crafting has never been easier!

Our first expert is Stacy Barkley, a wife and mother, a homemaker and crafter. Next up is Jamie Sanders, a stay-at-home mom of two and blogger for Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. These two women have the best craft ideas so check out this Ask the Experts segment and get creative with your kiddies!

Stacy Barkley's DIY Decoupage Craft Idea

Barkley’s craft is decoupage. “You can search craft stores or dollar stores for ideas. This craft is fun and creative and great for kids too!” Here’s what you’ll need.


  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Tissue paper or cocktail napkins (separated into 1ply)
  • Item to decoupage such as letters from craft stores, wooden picture frames, vase or wooden box


  1. Paint a thin layer of mod podge.
  2. Tear pieces of tissue and layer onto object.
  3. Paint on 2-3 layers of mod podge, drying to touch in between.
  4. Craft can be sprayed with an acrylic topcoat for extra protection after completely dry.
  5. Matte or gloss finishes are available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or JoAnne Fabrics.


Jamie Sanders' DIY Felt Pouch Craft Idea

“The craft I am sharing today is a hand sewn pouch made with felt and embroidery thread.” Sanders says that it’s perfect for kids! Here’s what you’ll need


  • 16 by 7 inch piece of felt (you could go bigger or smaller based on the size pouch you want.)
  • Embroidery needle and floss (when comparing embroidery needles, there are large wide needles and skinnier styles. Be sure to go for the skinnier style because the larger one will be more difficult to push through the felt.)
  • Chalk or fabric marker
  • Safety pins
  • Optional small scrap pieces of felt for embellishment
  • Optional button or small square of Velcro if you want to add a fastener


  1. Cut your felt into a 16 by 7 inch piece.
  2. Fold one end of the felt up to make a pocket. Pin the pocket in place with safety pins. For a smaller child you may want to mark the sewing spots with a fabric marker or chalk.
  3. Cut +/- 85 inch piece of embroidery floss and thread your needle.
  4. Make the first stitch and tie the end with a secure knot.
  5. Start sewing! Smaller kids may need assistance in keeping the thread from tangling.
  6. Cut some small flowers and circles and just tack them on with the embroidery floss to dress up one of your pouches.


“As a closure, I sewed on a button and used a sharp pair of scissors and cut a small slit as a buttonhole through the top flap and flower embellishment.That's it, my kids loved 'em!” she says.

You’re kids will be nice and busy with these fun and creative craft ideas. Try them all for a fun night with the family!  

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