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feeling-sad-this-winter-maybe-light-therapy-is-for-youDo you feel stuck in an area of your life? Our two experts have the best advice to help free you! 

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship or job? We talked to two experts for advice on how to feel unstuck in your life. Celeste Hamman, a higher consciousness life coach, and Denise Barclay, a mindfulness yoga and meditation teacher and life coach, talked to us about the best tips and tools for feeling unstuck in your life. Do you feel stuck in your own body? Have you been trying to lose weight, but feel stuck in the process? Do you have a friendship that feels stuck? Whatever area in your life that you want to move forward, our experts will tell you how! Learn how to feel unstuck in your life in this Ask the Experts segment! 

What Does Feeling Stuck Mean? 

At some point in our lives, we may say that we feel stuck in our lives, but what does that mean? Hamman says that when people say that they feel stuck, usually everything feels the same or they’re bored with an aspect of life. “People have a desire for things to be different than they actually are but they have no clarity about what that might look like,” she says. Hamman also says people are stuck in doing the things they think they "should" be doing. 

Barclay says being stuck usually means we are holding onto a belief, or set of beliefs, that is limiting our experience of life. “Basically we get stuck in three areas: our thinking, our emotions and our physical bodies, which then creates situations at work and in relationships,” she says. 

Celeste Hamman’s Advice on Getting Unstuck in Life 

ask-the-experts-how-to-feel-unstuck-in-life-CelesteThere are a variety of areas that people feel stuck in, Hamman says: 

  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Spiritually
  • A yearning to feel more authentic
  • To know yourself more deeply
  • To live more on purpose in your life
  • Physically our bodies, boring fitness routines or lack of a routine, habits of eating poorly 
  • Mental stuckness, addictions to drugs and alcohol, but also TV, computer games, gambling, shopping, porn
  • Feeling stuck emotionally, such as sadness or grief, 
  • Friendships that no longer serve you (they may have a lot of gossip or drama) 

“Ask yourself, ‘What am I most afraid to do in this moment?’ and do that thing, or at least take some action toward doing that thing,” Hamman advises. Also, get in the community with others doing what you want to be doing, thinking, or acting the way you want to do, think, or be. Hamman says to join groups, such as through Meetup.com

Seek guidance, Hamman advises, such as a therapist for being emotionally stuck, such as in sadness, grief, apathy or depression, and seek out a life coach for helping to bring clarity to your path and accelerate your process forward.  

Denise Barclay’s Advice on Getting Unstuck in Life 

ask-the-experts-how-to-feel-unstuck-in-life-denise-mustard“We can use the life we already have to make us wiser, rather than more stuck by breaking it down moment by moment,” Barclay advises. RAIN is an acronym she advises you try: 

  • R is recognize - without awareness of what is stuck, the other steps aren't even possible. 
  • A is accept - for example, accepting where your body is today and what its needs.
  • I is investigate - be curious; she says ask questions like “Am I more concerned about how my body looks than how it feels?”  “Is my self-esteem tied up in my performance?” 
  • N is not personal - “It's true we can have an affect on our emotions depending on what we eat or if we exercise or not, but, we should know that our gender, religion, our sexual orientation, or a traumatic experience in our life, are all things that are out of our control,” Barclay says. And it’s important to understand that.

She suggests reading books, finding a life coach or counselor, or an instructor of yoga and meditation to help feel unstuck; you don’t have to do it alone. “Trying the same things over and over and expecting different results was Einstein's definition of insanity, and an easy way to perpetuate the feeling of being stuck,” Barclay says. 

Now you have the ability to get your life unstuck with these greats tips! Is there an area in your life that feels stuck? Check out Hamman’s website at www.CelesteHamman.com and Barclay’s website at www.DeniseBarclayYoga.com for more information on transforming your life! 

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