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ask-the-experts-how-to-lose-weight-quickly-but-safelyWe talked to two experts to find out if it's possible to lose weight in a safe way but see results quickly. What do you think? 

Whenever we start a diet, the thought of having to wait to see those results can drive us nuts! Is it possible to lose weight quickly but in a safe way? We wanted the truth, so we talked to two experts, Kelli Calabrese, clinical exercise physiologist, master trainer of Adventure Boot Camp and author of Feminine, Firm & Fit and Rick Copley, fitness coach, to find out the truth.

We got right down to it to figure out what the best way to diet is and how long we have to wait to see a skinnier us! 

Kelli's Dieting Advice 

"Weight loss safely happens at a rate of 1 percent of body weight per week, however it’s expected to be quicker in the first week or two when people are releasing more water weight and toxin," she says. 


The fastest and safest way she knows to losing weight is with the Isagenix 30 Cleanse and Fat-Burning System combined with high intensity exercise sessions every other day. "The cleanse system involves two meal replacement shakes a health meal 6 days per week and then one cleanse day. Women especially can see a dramatic transformation using this system," Calabrese says. 

What Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight Fast?

Calabrese says that nutritionists are suggesting replacing one meal (usually breakfast) with a balanced shake to start the day. They are filling, have vitamins and minerals, fiber, are a good source of protein and are free of gluten, flavorings, and artificial sweeteners. 

"Salad-based lunches or dinners with added protein supply fiber, nutrition, energy and needed protein. Some foods that boost metabolism are green tea, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper," says Calabrese. She advises that having a piece of dark chocolate between meals helps to balance mood, satisfy a sweet tooth, boost metabolism and satisfy until dinner without a lot of calories.  

She says avoid anything with artificial sweeteners such as diet soda, soda, any processed foods, anything with hydrogenated oils, anything high in calories and stick to natural foods in their most natural states.

What Workouts Should I Do to Lose Weight Fast?

"The best exercises routines for seeing great results are choosing total body moves that drive the heart rate up and incorporate major muscle groups without a lot of rest,” she says.

  • Squat curl press
  • Jumping rope
  • Walking lunges 
  • Reverse lunges 
  • Pull-ups

"Combine two challenging moves and repeat them two to three times with little rest. The resistance should be challenging. Doing split routines produces the same heart health benefits and engaging in a second session gives a second metabolic boost – just make sure the intensity is high enough," Calabrese says. 

Do Diets or Diet Pills Work? 

Calabrese says that weight loss pills are not effective. "When combined with a system of nutrition therapy, some of the healthy ingredients in weight loss pills can have some value, but by themselves are not useful and even harmful if not combined with healthy foods in the right amounts with a detoxify diet.” 

Kelli's Weight Loss Tips 

  • 7+ hours of continuous sleep
  • Consume 8+ glasses of water daily
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have your hormones tested 
  • Consume a detoxifying diet
  • Have healthy snacks readily available like raw veggies, almonds, Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs or a cheese stick for hunger pains

Rick's Dieting Advice 

"If there were something that was quick and something that was easy then obesity levels would not be climbing exponentially. There is not a quick or easy way, it just doesn’t exist." He says it's just not realistic to lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds a week like we all see on TV. 

What Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

ask-the-experts-how-to-lose-weight-quickly-but-safely-rick-copeleyThe average person should have about 1500 calories a day. He says that should consist of five meals at 300 calories each. "If you start getting hunger pains then that means it’s time to eat--your body needs food, it’s shutting down – you need to eat again," Copley says. 

He says to avoid sugary foods and sugary drinks and when choosing food: the more natural the better.

Exercises for Losing Weight

He advises to do a variety of different exercises. "For example, it’s great to do a walk for 45 minutes, but if you do that all the time, it’s not going to help. If you do it a couple times a week that’s great, but other days you have to do an intense, functional workout," Copley says.

Do Diets or Diet Pills Work? 

"Diets don’t work, they never did work they never will work. It’s a lifestyle change that needs to be made," he says. 

Copley says that diet pills aren't effective either. "If they were effective, wouldn’t we all be skinny? The problem is this, sure people lose weight, but usually it’s either going to be water weight or muscle weight which are the two things you don’t want to lose," he says. 

They are not safe and since we only take diets pills while we are trying to lose, we don't take it forever and we gain the weight back, he says.

"You have to change your lifestyle and if people are not ready to change than they’re not gonna get results," Copley says.

Kelli has owned and operated a chain of four fitness centers, is editor of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine, is a fitness expert for Montel Williams and was asked to interview for Jillian Michael’s position on the "Biggest Loser." To learn more about Kelli, head to her website at www.kellicalabrese.com. Rick has been a personal trainer for 14 year and is also an athlete. You can find out more about him by checking out his site at yourbestfitnesscoach.com.

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