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11-ways-to-earn-extra-moneyAre you looking to earn more money at work but aren’t sure how to go about it? Our expert has the answer! 

It’s always nice to make more money at work, especially if you’ve been with a company for such a long time. Or is work a little stressful? Is your boss hard to deal with or a few co-workers difficult to handle? Mark Strong, career coach, reveals the best ways to earn more money and all the rules you need to know before you start! He’s even thrown in some great tips on how to have a better experience at work. Strong says that things have changed over the years, so sit back and take some notes on getting a raise at work.

How to Make More Money at Work 

"The good old days of getting an annual raise are gone in most industries. The smaller profits at most companies go to top performers who have the most impact on driving the business," says Strong. But he points out that if you feel like you've been passed over or you believe it's your turn to be recognized, make the request of your manager. "Often a simple note that overviews your contributions and a specific salary request are enough to get a conversation going," he says.

Strong says that one sure way to make more money is to work less. "Fewer hours worked means you'll essentially make more money per hour. One slightly more difficult way to make more money is to take on more responsibility or get yourself promoted. In these situations, it's easier for a company to justify an increase. If your company isn't doing well, don't expect an increase simply for doing a solid job. It just doesn't work that way anymore," he advises. 

Strong says that you really have to stand out to get a raise these days and he says to make sure that people know who you are and that you're always delivering consistently amazing work. "It's the top 10 percent who get raises first. Study those who you believe are considered top 10 percent and do what they do," he says.

Want a Promotion? 

ask-the-experts-how-to-make-more-money-Mark-StrongIf you want to get promoted, Strong says to demonstrate your ability and eagerness to take on more or you could ask for a promotion. "I'm always so surprised how many people don't ask to be promoted. Put your hat in the ring so leaders know you're interested in taking on more and moving up in the organization. Also, always be building relationships with people inside and outside of your department. Many people have influence when it comes to promotions," he says. 

"There is no hard and fast rule as to how long someone needs to wait to be promoted. However, it's fair to say that you likely need to be in a role for a few years to demonstrate consistent results and your ability to take on more," he adds. 

Enjoy Your Job More

If you spend more time working with the people you like and spend less time with those you don't and look for the silver lining in all projects, Strong says you will certainly enjoy being at your job much more. For example when doing a project, ask what can you learn from this project, what can you teach others on this project, or how will this help you in your overall career. 

Making more money at work can be as easy as following these steps and showing your boss that you are worth it. If you want to find out more on how to make more money at work and learn more about Strong, head to his website at markstrongcoaching.com.

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