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ask-the-experts-lose-weight-keep-it-off-and-see-resultsWe all want to see results when trying to slim down and our expert has some fat burning tips to get you slim in no time! 

Are you someone who has been trying to diet for months now and want to see some better results? Steve Weingarten, private fitness coach, has got the answer for you! Staying focused and on track can sometimes be tough with all the temptations out there so use this Ask the Experts article to keep yourself motivated! Picture yourself in a cute little bikini on the beach! Weingarten says he's been training people for 15 years and about half of his clients are women who want to get leaner, stronger, and fit.

So ladies, it's time to learn how to lose weight, keep it off and see results with these tips from a private fitness coach! 

Steve Weingarten's Weight Loss Guide 


"The ideal program would involve some combination of resistance training and cardio. You have to make your workouts HARDER over time, not necessarily different. Challenge yourself to lift more weight, or go harder on the elliptical, or to do the exact same workout but gradually decrease the time it takes you to complete it," Weingarten suggests. 

He adds that splitting up workouts into multiple smaller sessions during the day gives your metabolism a boost multiple times during the day, which burns more calories. 


Foods, Drinks, Pills 

"Pills and potions are too often used as a crutch by the lazy and unmotivated. Combined with proper diet and exercise, they may improve results by 5-10 percent.  But they can be hard on the body; the over-stimulation they cause can lead to health issues," he warns. 

He says to avoid concentrated sources of sugar such as fruit juices. But, he adds that almost any food can be part of a diet if you know how to properly incorporate it. He says those hunger pains we all know and love can make dieting tough!  He advises to drink water, munch on some vegetables, or have a bit of sugar-free jello. "One mental trick is to remind yourself that hunger means that your body is burning its stored fat," he says

Is it Possible to See Quick Weight Loss Results? 

"Quick results always leads to failure in the long-term," says Weingarten. "That's because your body can burn only a limited amount of fat per week; most experts say 2 pounds is the normal limit.  Any weight loss per week beyond that is either water, which tends to come off quickly at first, or muscle, which you definitely don't want to lose, because the less muscle you carry, the less active your metabolism is, which leads to gaining fat easily." He adds that his most successful clients lose weight slowly and steadily, focusing on the long term.

"The most important factor is to eat fewer calories than you burn or burn more calories than you eat," he says. 

Steve's Three Weight Loss Tips 

  1. Think of each workout as a record-setting day: find a way to outdo what you did at your last workout. 
  2. Be diligent about sticking with your meal plan. 99 percent compliance (allowing for one cheat meal weekly) gets results. Any less than that and you are only cheating yourself.
  3. The factor that separates those who succeed from those who fail is ATTITUDE.  Attitude starts with never saying 'I'm trying to diet.'  'Try' means nothing. If you eat what you're supposed to and working out with purpose and drive, then you're moving toward your goal," he says

Stay Motivated 

When trying to find a fitness coach to stay motivated, he says to find someone who really knows what he or she is doing to design your program. "I recommend someone who coaches bodybuilders -- NOBODY knows more than a bodybuilding coach about what it takes to lose fat!"

If you want to learn more about Weingarten and how to lose weight, keep it off and see results, check out his website at kyfitnesscoach. Use these weight loss tips and get into the best shape of your life! 

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