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ask-the-experts-women-going-back-to-workAre you planning on jumping back into the job market after many years off and have no idea where to start or what to expect? 

Well ladies, look no further, because all you'll need to know about going back to work is here! Sylvia Christian, career and life coach, has coached many women who were getting back into the workforce and she's got some expert advice that you can't get anywhere else.

Are you a newly single mom who now has to go back to work? Or is the economy just draining on you and your family and you need to head back into the job world to help support your family? Whatever you're reason for going back to work, Christian says, "It is frightening at first, but once they get started on the journey of figuring out what they want to do, their confidence grows."

This Ask the Experts segment is all about helping women go back to work confidently, and Christian will help you land that job! 

Why Do Women Have to Go Back to Work? 

There are many reasons women go back to work, Christian says. And here are some of the common ones:

  • Divorce: They are faced with supporting themselves and/or kids and need to start over. 
  • Empty nesters: Women who don’t like the career they are in but don’t know what else they can do or are in need of finding something to do after so many years out of the market because their children have left home. 
  • The economy: They either have to help with funds or their mate has been let go from their job and they have to pick up the slack.

Where to Start When Going Back to Work 

This is where coaching can help, Christian says. These are some questions you'll figure out together. 

  1. What have you done previously?  
  2. Are those skills current or do they need to be updated? 
  3. Are you willing to get some training to update your skills?  
  4. Do you want to figure out another path to go on? 
  5. Will you need training or more education and what will that cost?

"If it is a direct path to a job, use the skills you have, update your resume, follow the want ads weekly on the internet and let everyone know you are looking for a job," she advises.

Advice For Getting Back Out There 


"I would give them the same advice I wish had been given when I went back to work and school at 40 years-old.  Take it slow and watch your confidence grow. You can do this. Don’t just dream your dreams, live them. When I first started out I could of never have dreamed I could accomplish what I have but let your family and friends support and encourage you a long the way and you will  arrive at your destination," she says.

Christian says that today’s job market is difficult if you don’t have specific skills. "I have seen many women who doubted they could move on and get a job and take care of themselves. It is usually lack of self confidence, no matter how smart they are... especially someone coming out of a divorce who often feels like a failure or has let their mate make them feel bad about themselves," she adds. 

She also suggests not wasting your time going in the wrong direction on just a "hunch" of what you think you would be good at.  "Many have gone back to school only to find out they know little about the actual occupation, so they have wasted time and money," Christian says. 

Interviewing Tips 

Christian has some great tips you should use next time you have a job interview; these will certainly come in handy!

  1. Research the company so you know something about them.  
  2. Dress appropriately, usually like others do at the place of work.  No spike heels, tight skirts or low cut blouses or dresses.
  3. Look them in the eye on the interview and give a firm handshake.
  4. Think about why you would be good for this job so you can convey that.
  5. Ask when you can expect to hear from them as to the outcome and if you don’t hear, call the secretary in the office to find out if word has gone out.
  6. Be courteous while you wait to be interviewed. The interviewer often ask the waiting room staff what they thought of you when you leave.
  7. Not only look up the route to the interviewing place, but drive there the night before if you think there is a chance you may get lost.  Do not be late, it is better to reschedule than show up late.

Sure it'll take time ladies but you are strong and confident enough to go back to work and you know it! Christian suggests that spending three months in coaching can make a big difference in exploring your options and figuring out your job situation. To learn more about career coaching about Sylvia Christian, head to her website at woman2womanlifecoaching.com

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