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Audrey-Hepburn-New-Memoir-HeaderPhoto Credit: Bob Willoughby/TASCHEN

If there's one Golden-era Hollywood actress that we aspire to emulate, it has got to be Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn, who rose to fame with her Oscar-winning performance in Roman Holiday, was considered one of the most sought-after leading ladies of the time. 

annex  hepburn audrey breakfast at tiffanys 132Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Well, it turns out the glamorous Breakfast at Tiffany's star was more like us than we could have ever imagined! The late fashion icon's youngest son Luca Dotti wrote a memoir about his mother including her favorite recipes, sweet family photos, and his own stories.

The book Audrey at Home brings together Audrey Hepburn the star and Audrey Dotti the wife and mother. Here are a few things we learned about the movie star we all love to love...

There was that pasta addiction.

audrey-hepburn-0-600x450Photo Credit: Audrey At Home

Hepburn's favorite dish was spaghetti with tomato sauce. Her junk food when she was alone with her son? Pasta with ketchup! Dotti says she would eat pasta at least once a day. 

And the secret chocolate drawer!

Hepburn's other weakness was dark chocolate, which she had every day. Dotti says his mother had a secret chocolate drawer which the other members of the family were forbidden to touch. 

1971-Audrey-pushes-son-Luca-photo-by-Henry-Clarke-for-Vogue-in-1971Photo Credit: Henry Clarke for Vogue

Audrey credited her slim figure to luck.

Even with a love of pasta and chocolate, Hepburn was always slender. Dottie says his mother never ate traditional snacks and once a month went on a detox consisting of yogurt and apples. He admits most of it just came down to having good genes! 

To us she was a movie star. To her son, she was just mom.

audrey-hepburn-10Photo Credit: Harper Collins

Dotti recounts being confused when he was asked about "Audrey Hepburn." He knew of his mother as Audrey Dotti (his father's surname), and was shocked when he saw a movie where his mother was kissing another man! He ran to inform his father, who had to explain to his son that his mother was a famous movie star. 

The fashion icon loved her jeans and t-shirts.

In the memoir, Dotti wrote, "If you imagine my mother in fashion, she started with Givenchy and Valentino, but at that end of her life, she was happier in jeans and a T-shirt." 

AHepburn10 V 21nov11 rex bPhoto Credit: Paramount Pictures

You can find the book Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mother's Kitchen on Amazon

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