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average_womans_death_ageHow Long Do Women Live Today?

The average womens' death age actually varies by what country you live in. In America the average lifespan of a woman is 79.1 years, but in France it is 80.9 years, and topping the list is Japan where the average woman lives to be 82.5 years old. Japanese women say that their living long is due to eating and drinking in moderation, going to bed early, rising early, faith, and hard work. Although a woman can'r do anything about where she lives, there are a lot of steps she can take to increase her lifespan.

Changes in Life Expectancy for Women

This age of 79 was not always the average womens' death age. In 1850, a woman could only expect to live until she was 40 years old. That seems unimaginable when these days some women do not have their first child until they are 40 years old. Thanks to advances in sanitation, medicine and nutrition, women are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Although diseases such as breast cancer and heart disease are on the rise, women as a whole are living longer. In fact, the average woman lives a full seven years longer than the average man. Things that women would not talk about years ago are now commonplace, so women do not hesitate to speak with their doctors about what is hurting them. This is one of many factors contributing to the increase in womens longevity.

Why are Women Living Longer

Many women now look at their life differently than they used to. They have a drive to succeed and have friendships outside of their spouses. Women have learned to manage their own lives. Studies report that women with good friends tend to live longer, better lives. There was a time when a woman could be in a bad marriage but be unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, that has changed, and women are speaking out for themselves and helping themselves. This all has a part to play in the average women's death age.

More women now see their gynecologist than ever before. Problems that could have turned serious can now be detected and treated. When a potentially dangerous problem is caught early treatments are available now that could save a women's life. Womens' longevity is on the rise, because they are taking better care of themselves and are unafraid to speak to a doctor about certain issues.

Women are also joining gyms or yoga groups and taking their physical as well as their mental health seriously. Nutritional information is also on the rise. Women are cooking better meals for themselves as well as for their families. More attention is given to portion size and moderation. Even working mothers are finding ways to feed their families healthy meals by making them over the weekend and freezing them.

Women find ways every day to take time for themselves, whether it is to relax with a good book or take a brisk walk. This contributes to a women's mental and physical health and can add years to a womens' lifespan. Generally, the normal lifespan of a woman is due more to the woman herself than outside factors. Yes, there are women who will not fit into the average women's death age, but on a whole, women's longevity is on the rise.

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