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Some of us love to iron. And some of us think that's a little crazy. For the former group, good for you and this article probably isn't for you. However, if you fall in the latter category, read on...

Get A Steamer

Yes, it's still an another appliance, but in our opinion, steaming is a lot less painful than ironing - and a lot quicker as well! It's also gentler on your clothes, since it takes the wrinkles out of clothing without directly contact with the fabric (as opposed to an iron, which touches the cloth directly). 

Steamer AND Iron Alternatives

If you don't have a steamer on hand, you still have a couple options if you want freshly pressed clothes. You can slightly dampen the item at hand with a spray bottle and then use a blowdryer to blast out the wrinkles while you tug it smooth. Need a visual? Check out this demo from a travel vlogger who definitely knows a thing or two about looking fabulous with only what's available in a typical hotel room. 

Along similar lines, you can use a hair straightener for detail work like collars and cuffs. In fact, depending on the strength and power capabilities of your straightener and the fabric of the item you're working with, you might be able to put a crease in a pair of pants or on a sleeve. Who knew hair styling tools were so versatile? 

Use Your Dryer

Tumbling something in the dryer for a few minutes is a pretty classic way to de-wrinkle an item of clothing when you don't have an iron at hand (or just don't want to get out the ironing board, no judgment here). Spritz or dampen any especially wrinkled areas with water first, or even throw a few ice cubes in the dryer with the item - they'll melt and produce steam and get your clothes in even better shape. 

Or Your Shower 

This is a time-tested method of steaming/straightening wrinkled clothes in a pinch. The real trick is to get the garment as close as possible to the heat and hot water without getting it wet, and to keep the door closed tight so that you're essentially created a steam room in your bathroom.

Even if you can't stand ironing, you probably agree that the only thing worse than pulling out the ironing board is wearing wrinkled clothes and looking unkempt. And while there are some situations where you simply cannot avoid ironing in order to look perfectly pressed, these tricks might help you keep the ironing board in the closet and your wardrobe in fantastic shape. 




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