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b-12-shot-for-weight-loss-depressionB-12 Shots Showing Great Results!

Originally B-12 shots were for the deficient. But, now that additional benefits of getting a B-12 shot have been discovered, getting a B-12 shot is like taking a vitamin. And many people are seeing great results with B-12 shots!

What Does the B-12 Shot Do?

B-12 shots increase metabolism, which causes weight loss. Women that take B-12 shots regularly report losing weight at a faster rate. And getting a B-12 shot regularly causes a boost in energy and mood. A B-12 shot revs up the red blood cells, enabling them to transport oxygen more efficiently. When red blood cells are oxygenated, the body's reaction is to react with more energy. And while it is difficult to find sources of B-12 in foods, regular injections are an excellent option because the shot is quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Should I Get a B-12 Shot?

1. B-12 SUPPLEMENT VS. B-12 SHOT: If you are afraid of needles, the other option is to take a B-12 supplement. These can be found in almost any grocery store. But the best quality are found in your neighborhood, natural supplement store. However, a B-12 tablet is not as readily absorbed and very little of the B-12 remains in your system. Consequently, with a B-12 shot almost all of the integrity of the vitamin is released into your body.

2. ELEVATE YOUR MOOD: B-12 is also known as a mood elevator. Many people even replace antidepressants with B-12 shots. However, never consider this without talking to your doctor first. If you do have mild depression once in awhile, then a B-12 shot is worth a try. The reaction is usually one of giddiness for hours, followed by happiness or elevated mood in the coming days and even weeks.

3. THIN YOUR BLOOD: Vitamin B-12 is imperative for an optimum functioning cardiovascular system. B-12 thins the blood and stave's off "stickiness," which prevents stroke and heart disease.

Who Should Get a B-12 Shot?

  • Lack of B-12 in the body can lead to a plethora of complications including anemia, damage to the nerves and even brain function. Studies show that B-12 given to elderly people slows brain degeneration and fights Alzheimer's disease.
  • If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, then a B-12 shot may be in order. The prescription to get that energy back is to have a B-12 injection once every two or three days for two to three weeks for more energy and to stave off symptoms.

How Much Is a B-12 Shot?

B-12 shots range in price from $15 to $20 per injection.  And the shot itself does not hurt.  The shot is usually dispensed in the hip or buttocks.  The needle is small and the results are notable.  if you go the B-12 shot route, discuss with your doctor how many you will need in a month.  As you take the B-12 injections consistently, eventually you will not need them as often, as your body will store up the B-12, balancing out you body's needs.

I have tried the B-12 shots and have seen great strides in my energy level, mood and was able to lose those last five pounds.  Just sayin'... Here is to improved health for all the women warriors out there!

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