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Everyone, please get your handkerchiefs at the ready because the story of Lizzy the koala and her joey, Phantom, is going to bring a tear to your eye. 

It all started when Lizzy and Phantom were traveling along the Warrego Highway in Coominya, Australia. A car struck the pair which left Lizzy with head trauma and a collapsed lung. Phantom thankfully managed to escape without sustaining any injuries. The mother-son duo were taken to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Queensland, where Lizzy received the treatment she needed. 

And now this is where the "aww" factor comes in - during  Lizzy's operation, Phantom made sure to hold his injured mama in his arms the entire time. The team at the wildlife hospital captured the little koala's sweet gesture of love and support for his mom in a series of adorable photographs. 


baby-koala-2Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Lizzy is now firmly on her way to recovery, but according to a spokesperson for the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Phantom is still holding on tight to his mom, and we doubt the little guy is going to let go anytime soon. 

Now if you'll please excuse us, we're going to go find our mom and give her the biggest hug we can manage. 

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