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baby-pudu-in-new-yorkPhoto Credit: Time

When you picture New York City, an image of lush green grass and a tiny baby deer isn't typically the first one that comes to mind. However, if you visit one small green corner of New York, specifically in the Queens Zoo, that exactly what you'll find.  

The zoo is now home to an adorable male southern pudu fawn. If you're unfamiliar with pudus, they're the world's smallest deer species, and look like a cross between a deer, a puppy and a stuffed animal.

baby-pudu-2Photo Credit: Bored Panda

The tiny mammals are generally solitary creatures and only socialize when they need to mate. Because of their tiny stature, they have many predators including the horned owl.

With the birth of this new fawn, the count of Pudus at the Queens Zoo is now officially up to three, and all the more reason to take a trip to the zoo. 

baby-pudu-newGIF Credit: Tumblr

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