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Pup-681-Needs-A-New-NameIt's finally time to officially name Shedd Aquarium's Pup 681! The adorable baby sea otter who won hearts around the globe with her cuteness came to the Shedd Aquarium last month in partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Program. In case you needed reminding of just how cute she is, check out this video of her that got over 3,300,000 million views:

Now the aquarium has teamed with ABC’s Good Morning America to select a name for the baby pup. Anyone can vote for their favorite name here until December 11 at 3pm EST. Pup 681's new name will be released on December 12!

The choices are...

Cali: In honor of the California otter

Ellie: Año Nuevo State Park is well-known for its elephant seals and Elkhorn Slough is right up the coast from Monterey and home to many sea otters

Luna: From nearby Half Moon Bay

Poppy: California State Flower

Aña or Anya: From Año Nuevo State Park

Vote for your favorite choice! And while you wait for Pup 681's new name to be announced on December 12, check out a video of her learning how to dive: 

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