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explore and fight boredom. Baby walker safety needs to be a factor when making this important decision for your baby. Baby walker safety will always be a concern for all moms.

Will Your Baby Walk Sooner?

No, Baby walkers are not a necessary implement in the growth and development of your baby.  In fact some studies have shown them to be potentially instrumental in actually delaying the age at which a baby will walk on his or her own.

Pediatricians have been warning about the use of baby walker safety for a few years now. There has been an increase in numbers of baby walkers sold and with that an increase in the number of injuries has occurred.

The most common type of injury is when babies fall down stairs or steps in their baby walkers. The next common danger is poisoning, because the babies have more mobility in a baby walker, they are more likely to get into and be able to reach substances that can harm them. Baby walker safety should be a real concern when you are thinking about putting your baby in a baby walker.

Determining the right age for buying a baby walker for your baby depends a lot on your baby's skill level. Babies develop at different ages. Most pediatricians recommend not buying a baby walker at all, because of the baby walker safety concerns, but if do feel that a baby walker is safe for your baby, you should wait  until your baby can sit up on their own and start to pull themselves up on furniture with or without assistance. This is usually between 5 to 6 months of age.  It's possible that the child will not develop the leg and thigh strength needed to do these activities if left too long in a walker.

The selection of baby walkers can be overwhelming. There are so many to chose from and so many fun gadgets attached to them to sort through. Baby walker safety should be the number one criteria when choosing the right walker for your baby.

Before heading out to the store to buy a baby walker, do a little research online. You can check with websites, such as Consumer Reports.com, to find baby walker safety ratings on each type of baby walker. You can also go to forums for moms to learn what other moms have experienced when using baby walkers with their babies.

We recently heard from a mom of 4 children, who said she used a baby walker for her first child and he was injured by falling down a flight of stairs when she turned her back for just a second. After this incident, she decided to not to use a baby walker with her other three children. They all picked up walking just fine without the aid of a walker.  Advice and experience from other moms can be most helpful when researching baby walker safety.

Baby Walker Safety is a number one concern for all moms, so whether you are a new mom or a having your second or third child research is important.  Studies have shown that they do not aid in the development of a baby and have in some studies shown that they might delay the age at which a baby will learn to walk.

Moms deciding whether a baby walker is right for their baby can find some great resources in which to turn to, via the internet and through talking to other moms who have also had experience with baby walker safety.

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