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Check Out Red Cross Babysitting Courses

A babysitting course will teach your child all the essential skills that they need to know about looking after other children, and will give their employers peace of mind as well. Basic first aid training to care for infants and young children include CPR/AED, and your child will receive a certification from the Red Cross or the YMCA organization after they have completed the training for babysitters.

The Red Cross offers local training for babysitters across the United States. The child minding courses are aimed at children from the ages of 11 to 15 and provide them not only with medical and basic safety precautions needed when looking after younger children, but also with various resources to help them when babysitting.

The babysitting course includes an activity booklet, resume card, family information sheet, a resume template, a business card template, a family interview form, a contact and consent form for parents, a safety inspection checklist, and a self assessment guide. The cost of the Red Cross Babysitters Training Course varies from place to place, so you should contact your local Red Cross to find out more, but it can start from about $40. Certain babysitter training camps can cost from $100 to $150.

YMCA Babysitting Course

The YMCA has childcare training for teens aged 11 to 17 and provides them with the necessary knowledge for basic emergency and medical care, equips them with leadership skills, and offers plenty of resources to assist with all areas of babysitting. This course is also designed by the American Red Cross and is offered to YMCA members and non members alike. You can enroll your child at any YMCA center for this course. Some YMCA babysitting classes are split over a few weeks, and cost anywhere from $65 depending on where you are located. For members, the babysitting class can start from just $40.

After the babysitting courses have been completed, the participants will get to take home a CD of additional information, templates, and printable games and activities to take with you when babysitting. You also receive a baby sitter's handbook with all the information and details that have been covered in the course as a reference guide. Last but not least, you will also get an emergency booklet detailing all the common injuries and emergency situations that you might encounter while babysitting, including how to take care of injuries or illnesses.

To make sure that your teen is prepared for anything when they start a babysitting job, enrolling them in the Red Cross Babysitting Course or the YMCA Babysitting Course is a great idea.

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