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Find out what you missed during the finale of Bachelor in Paradise

If you didn't watch the finale of Bachelor in Paradise, then you missed out! There was an awkward fantasy suite night, love and tears, and as standard for The Bachelor , the season finale ended with an engagement. The rest of the episode was sprinkled with shocking moments - but of course.

At one point, host Chris Harrison announced that if the couples couldn't see themselves having a relationship outside of paradise, they needed to part ways immediately. After that, many of the "relationships" met their demise. 

After Harrison’s announcements, couples Christy and Tasos, Zack and Jackie as well as Graham and AshLee all split up (which we weren't too surprised at). Leaving Marcus and Lacy, Cody and Michelle and Robert and Sarah as the remaining three couples.

The couples were given the opportunity to solidify their relationships in the fantasy suite overnight which they all took on. However, one couple didn't really have the fantastical time they dreamed of. Sarah and Robert, although a cute couple, dealt with issues of closeness.

Sarah said that the whole evening Robert seemed distant with her. He didn't want to get physical, let alone even touch her. Robert brushed his teeth and went to bed (with his jeans on) early into the night. When Sarah tried to undo his jeans, he pushed her off. When Sarah confronted Robert about their not so fantastic fantasy suite night, he thought everything went fine. It came as a surprise to no one when the couple broke up.

The other couples, Marcus and Lacy and Michelle and Cody, made it through their nights in the fantasy suite. The show didn't focus as much on Marcus and Lacy’s time alone, but they behaved sweetly with each other the next day.

Michelle let everyone know how the evening went by telling millions of viewers "how sore she was." Initially, she told Cody he wouldn't be getting laid and that she’d rather focus on getting to know each other. Guess they ran out of things to talk about...

Finally, during the rose ceremony, Cody and Michelle gave each other roses and said they want to date outside of paradise. When it came time for Marcus and Lacy to exchange roses, he led her away from the rose ceremony and down to the beach to talk. Instead of talking, Marcus got down on one knee and proposed to Lacy. Hey, it’s only been a couple weeks, so when you know... you know!

Recent reports indicate that the two couples are doing quite well. Cody has met Michelle’s daughter and is moving to be near them. Marcus and Lacy are planning a wedding for next spring.

While we're glad these couples found love, what we're really excited for is seeing the sexiest farmer, Chris Soules, come back for The Bachelor in January! We'll be watching, will you?

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