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bachelorette-contestants-get-lie-detector-tests-HEADERWhat better way to see if your potential eight boyfriends are lying than to give them lie detector tests?

While tonight’s Bachelorette episode was filmed in Venice, Italy, one of the most romantic cities in the world, romance wasn’t in the air the whole time. Andi gave her eight remaining beaus lie detector tests and we found out who her secret admirer has been all these weeks! Also find out who went home in the middle of their one-on-one date?


The Lie Detector Results Are In! 

During the group date, Andi had her six dates take lie detector tests. To make it a little more fair she even took one herself about whether or not she was falling in love...and if her husband was a part of the group!

Some of the questions the guys were asked were are they here for the right reasons? Are they here for marriage? Do they believe they can fall in love with Andi? Do they want kids? Have they lied to Andi? 

The results are in! Three men told no lies, one man told two lies and two men told three lies. Andi told two lies. But, she ripped up the results. Boo! How unfair! 

Josh was not happy about the test and told Andi how upset he was that he had to do it. He added he was glad she ripped up the results. Now, Andi is wondering why. Is Josh lying about his feelings?

Dylan told Andi he was going to leave after his lie detector test because he wasn’t "feeling well." Is he hiding something? 

Other Top Bachelorette Highlights 

  • Nick got the first date. Cody is the only one who hasn’t gotten a date but he did get the second one. Is Nick cocky and arrogant or just misunderstood? 
  • Andi got a third secret admirer letter and we find out that farmer Chris was behind them all the time! Chris also gets the group date rose.
  • Cody kept talking about if Andi sticks around, she’s "in trouble" because she won’t be able to stop falling for him and how he wants to meet her family and have her meet his. Yet she stopped him mid-sentence to tell him they only have a friendship. Tonight, we said goodbye to Cody. 
  • We also said goodbye to JJ.  

Stay tuned next week for the next chapter in Brussels, the week before hometowns. We will get to see how possessive Josh gets and Andi gets a surprise visit from Nick at her hotel room!  

Photo Credit: abc.go.com


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