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bachelorette-finale-who-proposed-to-andi-headerThe wait is finally here! Who proposed to Andi?

Well Bachelorette fans, the wait is finally over! Tonight, we found out who proposed to Andi. Nick and Josh both met Andi’s family and it was clear the two guys were fairly nervous. Did Nick get Andi’s father’s blessing? Can Andi overcome her concerns of Josh’s sincerity? Andi and her two beaus had their final dates in the Dominican Republic, engagement rings were chosen with Neil Lane and Andi made an unexpected visit to one of the guy’s hotel rooms before the proposal. 

The Proposal 

Before Andi’s big decision, Nick met Andi’s family and they could tell how nervous he was! But, he got her father’s blessing. Andi’s mom said Josh was loud, boisterous, and kept talking about how hot and sweaty he was. I guess he was a little nervous. Not to worry because he too got her father’s blessing too!

Andi made a surprise visit to Nick’s hotel the morning of her final decision and said she woke up not feeling that everything was right with their relationship. From there, they ended things and Nick went home.

Nick has been trying to see Andi ever since the show to talk to her but she had refused, until tonight.

Remember the letter from last week at the end of the show? Well, it was from Nick confessing his love for her and how he doesn’t think Josh is right for her. 

In the end, it was Josh who got to make the romantic proposal to Andi and she was happy to accept. Cue the waterworks!


After the Final Rose  

Nick and Andi came face-to-face tonight on the After the Final Rose show where he continued to voice his feelings for her and said he had unanswered questions. Nick even revealed on stage they made love, breaking Bachelorette code by going public on what went on in the Fantasy Suite, and said he couldn't understand why she did that, as if she led him on. 

Nick also broke Bachelorette protocol by posting a letter to Andi on the show's official Facebook page. During After the Final Rose, we saw footage of Nick trying to confront Andi during the Men Tell All special. She refused to see him and was then given a note, now available for all the web to read. 

An excerpt from the letter read:

"You made me feel those things that people go a lifetime to find, and I feel like I made you feel the same… Let’s just call it what it was–our relationship was very much the road less traveled. I totally get that all the passion, intensity, and connections that we had were accompanied by fear and sometimes discomfort. There is a reason why very few are willing to take the road less traveled. It can be scary, challenging, and risky, but if you have the courage to take it, it usually ends up being amazing."

Read the full letter here.

After the awkward showdown with Nick, we all finally got to see Andi and Josh together in public for the first time. Since the ending of the show, the two lovebirds have been sneaking to each other’s house for months! 

We couldn’t be happier for Andi and Josh!

The two live minutes away from each other in Atlanta, met on the Bachelorette, traveled the world together and fell in love. What a great love story! Stay tuned for the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise next Monday! 

Photo Credit: ABC, Instagram 

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