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Belgium love is in the air but which four guys are going to hometown dates?

Andi and her six remaining boys are in Belgium this week and it’s the week before hometown dates! Four guys are taking Andi to meet their families next week but which two didn’t make the cut? Did Josh redeem himself and finally admit how he feels about Andi? And why did Nick go to Andi’s hotel room unannounced? Find out now!

Top Highlights From The Bachelorette in Belgium

  • Marcus got the first date and the two explored the town of Brussels. 
  • Josh got the second date, although he had a hard time opening up about how he feels about Andi. 
  • Nick made a surprise visit to Andi’s hotel room. He told the front desk he lost his room key, doesn’t remember the room but it’s under his wife’s name Dorfman. Creepy?
  • The group date headed to the countryside of Belgium to visit some castle ruins. Nick got the group date rose and is on his way to hometown week! But the others guys are totally livid! 
  • Dylan and Brian were sent home.

Next Monday, whose family asks the hard questions? And can Andi handle life in the middle of nowhere in Iowa with Chris?

Photo Credit: abc.go.com

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