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back-to-school-bullitan-boardYour Family Survival Kit for Back to School!

Back to school bulletin boards are used by families to ensure that nothing gets missed before the first day of school but few get thrown out once school starts.  Many families find that once they create their first bulletin board, they start to use it year round to keep the family informed of upcoming special events, games, homework due dates, test dates and many other projects. Creating a back to school bulletin board is a great DIY project for moms and kids and will help you both have a more organized and successful year with less stress and worry about what's coming up.

    Set Up a Back to School Bulletin Board

    1. Where Should You Hang your Back to School Bulletin Board?

    First, you get to pick out the perfect spot in your home to hang the back to school bulletin board. It should be in a place where everyone in the family will see it on a regular basis. Some families use their refrigerator door or the side of the refrigerator. Other common locations are the front closet door, wall space next to the door out to the garage, or the garage door itself.  Bedroom halls typically don't make for a good location because family members are usually tired or just waking up when they walk past it so after a couple of trips, they stop noticing the board.

    2. How Big Does Your Back to School Board Need to Be?

    Second, you get to decide how big to make your back-to-school information board and this is usually based on the size of the wall it is going on. You will want to make it as large as you can so that schedules and other school paperwork don't cover each other up. On the other hand, some families have found that bigger just means more stuff will get put on the board until it ends up looking cluttered. Typically the information that the school sends out will be on regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper so you will probably want to be able to hang a few pieces on the board without overlapping.

    3. What Will You Place on Your Bulletin Board?

    Third, you get to choose what family information to put on your back to school bulletin board. This board will represent your back to school survival kit so you will want to personalize it to match your family's needs and priorities. Many boards contain a calendar with all the before school appointments such as doctor examinations or vaccinations to name a couple of examples. Also many boards contain a list of required school supplies. Some families add sales flyers for back to school items and sometimes kids add in their own list of required school supplies. It may also contain a to do list with things on it such as getting an after school program or babysitter set up. Basically the board is meant to be the one stop for all things that have to do with getting organized for the first day of school.

    4. Decorate Your Back to School Board

    Finally, you and the kids get to design the back to school bulletin board. This is usually the step that is the most fun as you put together a background color and the border. If the board is going to be located on a refrigerator you may just use magnets to hold everything and to pin new things to the board. Some people put magnets on the back of a cork board and hang it on the refrigerator. On any other surface, the bulletin board is typically designed on a cork board that gets hung on the wall. This makes it easier for families to hang up new announcements and it won't leave lots of little holes in your wall.

    Most families have so many activites and events going on that little things get missed every now and then. A back to school bulletin board can help to assure that nothing important gets missed and that the whole family is ready for the first day of school and beyond. The great thing is that after you get this board going you can expand the concept a bit and your board can morph to become the family survival kit for other events and holidays.        

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