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No matter how busy you are preparing for what your child is bringing with them on the first day of school, you still need to consider visiting your doctor and dentist for an annual back to school check up. Although most parents overlook this need, it is indeed very important. Studies have shown that dental problems cause frequent school absences. It's recommended to take kids to the dentist twice every year, even if they don't have dental problems. Regular dental checkups prevent toothache, bad breath, and tooth decay. There are usually many back to school dental specials, so now is the perfect time to make that appointment.

Annual Back to School Dental Checkups for Kids

One of the greatest benefits of having a regular dental check up is the potential savings on future dental expenses for untreated problems. Many people face difficulty later in life because they dindn't get proper dental care when they were young. Even kids with good oral hygiene habits will miss some of the tartar that builds up daily on teeth. Over time, tartar hardens into plaque that can lead to cavities and worse. This is why regular dental cleanings are so important. Only a dentist or dental hygienist with the proper tools can safely and effectively remove plaque and tartar build up.

Teaching kids to floss is also very important. To teach your child, it is best that you set an example. Floss your teeth every day, and show your child how you do it. Most dentists agree that by age 3, most children are ready to learn how to floss and brush their teeth with adult supervision. You can make the experience more fun by using special toothbrushes and flavored pastes and floss to entice children. In the case of oral hygiene for kids, prevention really is the best medicine. With any luck, your little one will never have to know the discomfort of having a dentist fill a cavity.

Dental Specials

Dental bills can really stack up, especially for families with little to no dental health insurance. As companies look for ways to cut costs due to the sluggish economy, dental and visual health plans are often one of the first things to go. Fortunately, dentists recognize that this is happening and are taking extreme measures to ensure that they don't loose clients. Back to school dental specials and other incentives abound. Good places to look for dentist coupons include local newspapers, direct mailings, and even your school's office. There may be state or federal programs designed to help those that can't afford dental care. Check with your school's nurse to see if any are available in your area.

Most importantly, remember that the power is in your hands. If you don't like your current dentist or feel that he or she charges too much, shop around for a better deal. It may seem hard to do, but ultimately, you are your dentist's customer, and if you aren't satisfied with the service or price, you have every right to look elsewhere. If it's solely a matter of cost, sit down with your dentist and see if it's possible to get a lower rate. You might be able to get a price reduction by paying in cash or in advance. In the end, there are a lot of dentists looking for clients, so finding a good deal on dental care may end up being even easier than buying new school clothes.

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