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back-to-school-resources-for-your-college-studentBuying books, managing loans, finding an internship for the summer, and being able to afford something to eat other than Ramen Noodles... these are all struggles college students face on a daily basis.

Going away to college is nothing short of exciting and frightening. At the same time, moving away from home can be a challenge for your kids.

There are back to school resources online that will help make their future look brighter and better. 

Resourceful Websites for College Students

  1. AfterCollege.com: All your student has to do is enter in his or her school, major, and expected graduation date and they are matched up with potential internships and jobs, both local and all around the country. On the other end, employers create profiles, post job openings, and reel in students in the field. It’s almost like a match.com for your student for his or her future!
  2. Indeed.com: This site is similar in that it connects the unemployed with opportunities. It isn’t as specifically geared to college students, but can still be useful to search for part-time jobs in the area. In the past week, Indeed has had over 500,000 jobs posted! One of them is bound to fit your college student.
  3. Learnvest.com: Managing finances can be difficult for adults, let alone a college student. You can figure out a financial plan, for free, including a budget, speaking to experts, and developing paths for loan payment. The support Learnvest provides is limitless and can be accomplished in a few simple steps!
  4. Chegg.com: College textbooks are expensive and there’s no way around it. Or is there? Chegg is a site that connects students selling used books with students looking for books. The prices are unbeatable and finding the textbook you need is simple.
  5. RateMyProfessor.com: Before signing up for classes, it is important to know what you’re getting into. With Rate My Professor, students can look up a potential professor from any college or university around the country and see how they have been rated on a scale of 1-5 on overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and even hotness. After a student has had a professor, they can post an anonymous rating on that professor for future students to check.

These websites will provide the resources your teen needs after being pushed out of the nest into the real world. From books for class tomorrow to a future career, they've got it covered. 

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