backless-shirts-with-bras-made-easyEver face the backless shirt dilemma - wanting to look fantastic but also have support? 

We've all seen them: backless shirts. Many of us have tried on a shirt that we love, only to turn around and look at the back to see more bra than skin showing. Well ladies, there are solutions to wearing a bra with a backless shirt!

Ladies, there's no excuse not to join the fashion trends out there. You just need the right bra!

How to Wear a Bra with a Backless Shirt

backless-shirts-with-bras-made-easy-2The Strapless Bra Bustier

This is a pushup underwire bra that has supportive material which covers you down to your waistline, yet plunges in the back. What's nice about this bra is that it pulls in the stomach too.

The Bra Extender

This is a piece of bra material that can be hooked onto the bra and wrapped low around the stomach for optimal support for the backless look. Many bra specialty stores have them and can demonstrate how the extender works. If you are wearing lots of backless and criss-cross tops, the extender is a must and a good investment.

Backless, Adhesive Bra

This bra looks exactly like a strapless bra, only it does not have hooks or a strap in back. It covers your breasts and goes just a little bit past the armpits. The adhesive is placed in the armpit area of the bra and stays put.

Backless, Nude Adhesive Cups

Cups in nude color are placed on the breast with an adhesive. This option is better for smaller busts. For those of you with more courage, there are adhesives that simply cover the nipple for the backless look.

Underwire Bralets

These are sheer with lace and designed to become part of the top. When worn, the back part of the bra will show, but it is decorative and looks as if it were part of the shirt. Many women are choosing this option in that they can "play" around with different colors that compliment the shirt.

A Word About One Shoulder Tops, Halter Tops and Plunging Necklines

Consider a multi-way bra that has the option of completely removing the straps. The straps of these bras can be catered to the design of the shirt. For instance, with a one-shoulder top, only one strap needs to be used to leave that shoulder bare and your "girls" supported.

The multi-way can also be used for halter tops by using just one strap around the neck and attached in the usual places. Another option for the halter is a bra strap clipper which pulls the straps together in back.

V-bras are perfect for plunging necklines as they give you underwire support with a dramatic dip.

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