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Backyards aren't just for barbecues! When the weather is warm and there's a nice breeze, it's the perfect time to host a movie night right in your own yard. Make it a family affair by recruiting the kids to help create a cool experience, and then invite the neighbors to come on over. Since the sun sets later in the warmer months, this party can be easy to throw together on a whim, but adding a few extra touches can make it a night to remember.

Womensforum has just the ticket to put together the perfect backyard movie night in five easy steps!

Movie Spot

This takes just a bit of scouting before the big day, or in this case, big night. You really need to go into your backyard one evening and see what part of the yard gets the darkest. It might be surprising just how far the light from those streetlights reaches or how bright the light is on your neighbor's porch. If a large part of the backyard is taken up by a pool, don't rule it outyou may be able to use it for seating and situate the movie screen against the wall of your house. 


Movie Screen

Thanks to all of the crafty people out there we've discovered that you don't need a fancy movie screen to watch a moviea white sheet can do the trick in a pinch. String up a solid rope or use your wood fence, if you have one, to hold the sheet. The key is to get it as still and flat as you can. And thanks to modern technology, you can easily connect a projector to your laptop and use a Bluetooth speaker to crank up the sound. Do a quick Internet search to find affordable projectors or check out your local library, which might rent them.

Movie Snacks

17562-backyard-milkBefore the movie starts, you can get in some prime "kid time" by just hanging out. Set the mood for fun with the snacks you choose. Contrary to typical movie theater fare, it doesn't have to be sugary sodas or candy. Grab a nice, cold drink like TruMoo Chocolate Milk. It's nutritious and delicious, plus the kids will get a kick out of watching mom and dad drink chocolate milk. If you really want to get creative, blend the TruMoo with ice to make chocolate smoothies that you can put in party glasses with colorful straws. Keep the treats easy, like pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins or big bags of popcorn. Let the kids make paper cones to carry the snacks to their seats.

Movie Scene

17562-backyard-boys17562-backyard-girlsSpeaking of seats.... You can use old blankets and spare bed pillows or pull your lawn chairs together and cover them with soft towels and pillows. If you can stage the screen near the pool, then link pool floats together to create a floating theater. The key here is to give it a colorful, cozy look. It should have a bit of bringing-the-indoors-outside feel to it. Head out an hour or two before sunset to encourage the whole family to enjoy mother nature. Grab some board games or cards to pass the time until it is dark.


Movie Selection

There is something to be said about movies that can bring everyone together for a great time. It doesn't have to be the latest blockbuster, either! Find a classic you loved as a kid or introduce your teens to a favorite from your school days. When watching movies outdoors, it is probably best to pick something you have seen before or a movie with a plot that's easy to follow. 


Just remember, when it comes to backyard movies it is less about what is flashing up on your "big" screen and more about the memories you're making in the meantime.

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