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bagged-salad-and-beef-recalls-videoA prepackaged salad mix is making people around the nation sick-- but federal officials will not reveal which brand(s) are involved.

And here’s another catch: the salad perpetrator is being served at retail stores AND restaurants. This causes eateries and grocery store chains to scramble and try to figure out which products to take off the shelves to keep consumers and even themselves from getting exposed and sick.

Bagged Salad Recall

What IS known is that it’s possible the bagged salad is linked to stomach bug cyclospora (an aggressive parasite) that has already caused about 400 people in 15 states to get ill. Unfortunately as of right now, consumers can’t do much to dodge the sickly salad.

What possibly makes matters worse is that health officials in Iowa, where the cyclospora outbreak first started, say they believe there’s no reason to inform the general public of the brand because there’s no health risk- even though at least 145 people in Iowa have gotten food poisoning from the outbreak. 

50,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled

But mysterious prepackaged salad brands aren’t the only items out there that pose a health threat to people. A ground beef product has been recalled. But for this food mishap, there’s not much of a mystery.

A company in Kansas, The National Beef Packing Company, recalls nearly 50,000 pounds of ground beef products because of a possible E. Coli O157:H7contamination. Thankfully, no one has reported getting sick yet.

Recalls are nothing new for The National Beef Packing Company. This past June, they recalled 22,000 pounds of beef. Officials are still inspecting this matter. 

Will you stay away from bagged lettuce and ground beef?


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