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bans-on-smoking-in-the-car-with-kidsThere may be more states deciding on bans about smoking in the car with kids. 

We all know that smoking is bad for our lungs, but it’s especially bad for your little ones! Finally, a ban that makes sense may actually go into effect in numerous states! We have all seen those parents who smoke with their kids in the car and soon, they may get a fine for it. That’s right. You may not get pulled over for speeding, but you could get fined for smoking in the car with your kids. 

The No Smoking in the Car With Kids Ban

If you are craving a cigarette, wait. Protect your kids and yourself because now, sources are saying that if people are caught smoking with their kids in the car, they could be fined. There is no definitive amount, but the fine could be between $100-$250. Some states are even suggesting a $500 fee on your first offense.

The issue here? Several states have discussed this ban and many are on board. But, each state will have different regulations and rules such as the child’s age and the dollar amount of the fine. In order to fully understand your state’s rules, contact someone or look online for more information. Plus, several states already have this law in effect. Some states ban smoking in the car with kids 16 and younger, 18 and younger or kids under the age of 10. 

Several states such as California, Maine, Arkansas, Illinois, Utah, Louisiana and Oregon have some sort of ban on smoking in cars with children, and your state could be next as several states have recently been discussing. Kids have no choice but to breathe in cigarette smoke when their parents light up in the car. But now, that may all change.

What do you think of this ban on smoking in the car when children are present?

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