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There’s no doubt that when your friend says "You look great in those jeans," you feel more likely to put them back on the next time. But even with others cheering us on, we need to be our own best friend. We need to love and support ourselves with the kindness and respect we deserve.

If your confidence is lacking, you may be the only person needed to give yourself a boost. Here are four ways to love you more and gain some extra confidence!

1. Look in the mirror. After you put on your make up, or after you step out of the shower, look in the mirror and see something you love about your body.  Embracing that you have strong arms to carry your child or soft curves from your waistline to hips is something to notice. No matter who you are, you have to see your best potential each day.

2. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. There’s no doubt that when we rush through the day we have less time to make good choices. If you know you’ll be booked without a break to eat lunch or have breakfast, make sure you have a healthy snack. Something as simple as a nutrition bar can help your brain function better and keep your positive energy from crashing. thinkThin bars are a perfect fit. They are delicious, portable and deliver high-quality ingredients that help boost energy without refined sugars. Plus they have the added value of 20 grams of protein that gives you staying power from sugar cravings.

3. Stomp out the ANTS! Ants are bothersome at a picnic but "ANTS" that run through your brain are the worst! "ANTS" stands for "Another Negative Thought." It’s that inner voice that says "You can’t wear that!" or "You don’t deserve that job!" We may even share them with others when they compliment us and we shoot it down instead of saying "thank-you." The ANTS must be stopped!  Replace them with positive thoughts or even have a positive mantra added to your signature at the bottom of each email like "Own your truth" or "What if I can?"

4. Review your accomplishments. It’s not often that we pull up our own LinkedIn page and look at what we have accomplished. But don’t let it stop with just your professional life, look at where you have succeeded in building new friendships, or even the 5K race you trained for and finished.  Make it a habit to regularly review your successes.

Sometimes we need to be our own best cheerleader! "Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right." Henry Ford 

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