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be-your-own-fountain-of-youthYou’re getting older right? Just in the time it takes you to zip through this blog entry, you’ve aged a little more.... If that’s what you believe, I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely mistaken...

‘Aging in its simplest terms’ explains Dr. Janet Zand, health expert and best-selling author of several of the most valuable books on nutrition you will find anywhere, ‘is a state of mind first and foremost. We have a choice as to whether that aging is positive or negative based on how we approach the concept and what it means.’

There was a landmark study done over the course of 8 decades...that’s eighty years for all you who don’t habla. Dr. Andrew Weil calls the study ‘a remarkable achievement with surprising conclusions.’ In point of fact, the study upends the advice we have been given about how to live to a healthy old age.

The fact is, we are living longer, BUT, those years are largely lived in poor health because we do not understand how to live healthy in old age. It has less to do with eating your vegetables (although that is entirely important for many reasons) and more about being what many experts call being Persistent, Conscientious, and Responsible.

Many experts believe that aging is nothing more than a disease state. Studies suggest that 50% of deaths and 70% of disease in the US are caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits...the stuff that makes you S.A.D. - Smoking, Alcohol abuse, and improper Diet.

Your Mind and Your Health

The mind has more to do with health than we previously realized. Why is this? Our social environment is vastly different than it was 1000 years ago. Need an example of how much it has changed? Social isolation is now one of the leading risk factors for mortality in the elderly. 

‘You should focus on your nutrition’ explains Dr. Zand, ‘but diet is only one element of the whole. Diet allows a person to effectively start change with their health and how they age. The first step is to exercise. Even if you are in a wheelchair there are exercises one can do - if you have no desire to do anything put on comfortable shoes and walk for 5 minutes in one direction and walk back home...before you know it you will be walking for 20 min and then 30 and so on. Once the fog clears in the body, the mind can then start to maintain that clarity. Watching what you eat not only means better food, it also can mean less food in general. We don’t have to be victim to our genes or our jeans anymore!’

Tips to Maintain Your Youth 

Be Persistent - Being persistent is the key to maintaining health. Spend half as much time redirecting your efforts to more positive ones, eventually the more positive will become habit. Exercise just a little every day.

Be Conscientious - can’t think right if you don’t eat right. There is energy in good food, not just calories, fat, protein, etc. When you eat food that has good energy, it is translated into you and you get that good ‘energy.’ and not what the S.A.D. stuff creates.

Be Responsible - You have to take care of YOU. Might not be fun to avoid eating ice cream all day, but if you did eat it all day, you would regret it very quickly. I’m not saying you can’t have ice cream...what I am saying is that you should be responsible in how much you eat and how often.

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