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beach-workouts-for-a-surfer-girl-body-videoAccessorize a cute bathing suit with confidence, a smile and beach-ready body. 


In between hours of relaxing on the beach and basking in the sun, get in some quick cardio by working out on the beach to maintain that in-shape body of yours. If you’re prepping for that bikini and focusing on your fitness for an upcoming vacation, then the following four beach exercises can help you achieve your goal—even at home or in the gym. 

Plyometric Power Squats


To get into the power squat position, get low with your knees wide, and then jump high and reach up for a total of 20 squats in a row. Pushing off the sand provides extra intensity for higher cardio and makes those legs burn. Squats build strength, balance and stability from the ankles to the thighs and up into the arms. Twenty repetitions with one-minute breaks will really start to make you sweat and get that workout started.


Side Push Lunges


Lunge deep into the sand with the right toes forward and knee facing to the side. After you lunge deep on the right side, push back to the center (legs together) and then lunge to the left side. Increase your cardio by getting down low and reach for the opposite foot with your hand. Keep your form strong and tighten the abs in between each side lunge. Press through the legs and finish a solid set of 20. Rest for one minute and lunge through another set. 


Beach Shuffles


For 30 seconds, move your feet front to back in the sand and pump your arms. Dig deep into the sand, which serves as your resistance for burning calories and increasing your heart rate. Rest after your first 30 seconds and then shuffle for round two. 


Side Planks


The plank is like the king of core exercises that also helps tone the rest of your body. Get into plank position on the sand and keep your arms narrow. Turn to face the right side and raise your right arm. Bring your arm down to meet your left again, and then lift your left arm while turning to the left side. You should feel the side planks building your core in your mid-section and strengthening your shoulders in your upper body. Alternate each side for a total of 20 and repeat after a one-minute break. 

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