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beautiful-breast-tattoosTopless and tattooed takes on a whole new meaning for a woman who has been battling for her life.

Rich, gorgeous colors and deeply pigmented designs are gracing many beautifully tattooed breasts at outdoor gatherings across the nation. The exposure of breast tattoos in the golden afternoon sun seems somehow innocent and reminds one of how the sight of natural beauty is so much more uplifting when it's finally set free.

Breast tattoos can be meaningful, especially for those women among us who have fought vigilantly to maintain their lives by having one or both breasts surgically removed. And having a tattoo of triumph to denote their hard-won survival can be truly a blessing.

Breast Tattoos Signify Liberation and Rebirth for Some

Breasts are "in" fashion. And now we celebrate them, one or two at a time and gloriously bask in iconic survival. Even though laws on the books in most of the United States forbid publicly baring a naked female breast, the edges of the law have been baited and caught by women and fashion over the last few years.

Types of Breast Tattoos

Despite how you may feel about the permanent act of tattooing your breasts, let alone showing them in public, there are some amazing breast tattoos that are being created daily by artists and tattoo enthusiasts of all stripes. Whether a delicate butterfly perched on the upper chest, a breast cancer ribbon tattoo worn proudly in support, a crimson-colored lady bug peaking from behind a skimpy top or even a visible rose bush proudly displayed on the entire upper half of a women's body, the art, placement as well as the reasons for getting a breast tattoo are as varied as the types of women who wear them.

There are some beautiful examples of such breast cancer survivor tattoos. Imagine a vine with morning glories all the way across the shoulder and over the chest wall which could be interpreted as the growth of beauty, life and protection that the flowers and vines may represent at least for some of us. Other popular designs include the very widely used pink ribbon tattoo that is often mixed with other symbols, dates, names and markers giving this symbol a more personalized or meaningful touch. Others include a personal tattoo symbol of breast cancer survival such as wings, crosses, animal totems and dragon flies.

Why Do Women Get Breast Tattoos?

Some women get them merely for the purpose of decorating their breasts or to bring attention to a part of their anatomy they feel pride in. Many ladies admit that men will see a glimpse of the design of the breast tattoo underneath their swimsuit, or whatever they might be wearing, and become instantly curious of what the whole piece looks like. Of course most women won't show him the whole thing... usually. But, it certainly gives some women the joy of piquing a man's curiosity doesn't it?

One of the fastest growing reasons for getting a breast tattoo, however, has to do with marking a big turning point in a woman's life. This is evident in the case of women who are recovering from the mental and physical ramifications of breast cancer and the surgery that often accompanies it. This is also true for women who may have gotten a breast cancer tattoo in support of or even in memory of a loved one who had valiantly fought breast cancer. A similar example would be a friend or relative who simply gets a tattoo for breast cancer awareness. In fact, you can see many pictures of tattoos for breast cancer awareness as well as temporary tattoos for breast cancer awareness. Many websites sponsor many benefits including walks and red carpet events held to support the cause.

Breast cancer tattoos also have also been reported by many to assist them in feeling much better about their physical appearances after breast cancer. The act of consciously choosing a symbol and withstanding the ceremony of tattooing, and yes, even the pain say that the act, has given them a sense of personal control of how their breast and chest areas look after the disease has taken it's "pound of flesh".

What remains is the sense of a personal badge of honor and bars of courage denoting the spiritual growth that the fight has left them with.

Breast tattoos have been used as a rite of passage and for all the right reasons and perception from the public has quieted. They are no longer thought of in terms of biker, hoodlum, stranger or outlaw as they were in the old days. Today, a breast tattoo can symbolize, for many, a deep personal owning of power in their lives. A tattoo can denote recovery and regain or memory at it's most sacred from a dark time of loss. This could not be more true than in the case breast cancer survival tattoos and breast cancer memorial tattoos.

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