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  • Time To Smell The Flowers

    Time To Smell The Flowers

    Beautiful flowers to inspire your home and family. Jenny Barker, florist for Bloom Nation and Owner of Magical Blooms in Redondo Beach, CA shares her favorite summer flowers.

  • Eremurus


    What a sexy, playful, flirty flower. It lasts about a week. Use them when you need height. It's great to combine them with a green that doesn't compete against this unique shape. They come in multi tones of white, yellow and peach and are typically only around for a few months.The great thing about these stems is that you can make it look artsy, formal, or even casual. They definitely tend to be a conversation starter as people admire them.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Garden Rose

    Garden Rose

    Nothing beats a garden rose, especially in June and July. Typically, most brides in the springtime request garden roses so the demand of them is harder to purchase and more expensive. 

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Protea


    Protea have beautiful hues of red. When I think of July I think BBQ and picnics. Take yellow up by using delicious chocolate tones as a red hue along with merlot colored mini-gerbera. A lovely protea works out great in the heat because  it's super durable and is also a great casual flower.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Poppy Pods

    Poppy Pods

    These are super fun to use. If you're a person who isn't a huge color fan, you can incorporate these into flowers to make it look decorative. It gives off the modern vibe with less is more. We like to put random vases (preferably tall ones) around the house and use the pods in various heights. They have a very playful and fun look to them. They can also last for weeks and are very durable in the sun. 

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Orange Blossom

    Orange Blossom

    There’s a short window for the orange blossom but when it comes in, it's so much fun to use. It goes great in a large buffet or in an archway for ceremony weddings. Make sure to even the simple cut stems in designs, as you see in this photo, for white, small, sweet accent pieces.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Hydrangea


    Hydrangea is year long but summertime offers great colors that are locally grown and are fun to bring into a design. The key to make a hydrangea "happy" is to soak the head in water upside down for about 30 minutes and then make a fresh cut. You’ll then place in water (you'd think you're killing or "drowning" the poor little stem, however they love it). 

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Clematis


    This gives a charming English vibe and only grows in June and July. It's delicate and looks like it may wilt, but believe it or not, cut it and place it in water and it will last a long time.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Dahlia


    Dahlias start to come full bloom in June and the best time to play with them is in July and August. They look awesome in one monochromatic style of mixing colors all together. It's best to design them in fresh water. They look so great as a single type of flower because of their size — the only asset to add is a soft non- competing green. Keep it simple. They must be in water for longevity.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

  • Allium


    These are usually short in season for June and July, and they come in purple and sometimes in white. They’re great for a simple yet modern design. They are so unique with their long stems with puff balls- these little blossoms create a very A-line style to the eye. You can create multiple vases on a table and for a buffet at different heights. Arrange allium with grass and have the balls pointing in different directions. Allium can stand the outdoor heat and sun, being able to hold up really well in all weather conditions.

    Photo Credit: Bloom Nation

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