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becoming-a-runner-its-possible-videoYou're a runner if you believe you're a runner! 

Most of us who enjoy running have a hard time convincing our own minds we are "runners." We've created the notion that in order to be a runner, you have to run marathons. Well, that's wrong! 

Megan Searfoss founder of "Run Like a Mother" shares a beginner’s guide to running.

Steps to Become a Runner

  1. Don’t be intimidated by the title “runner.” We can all do it! Simply believe that you’re a runner, then let everyone else believe you’re one, too. 
  2. Make the time to run. It doesn't have to be a long run, just make time to do it. 
  3. Running not only gets you in shape, but also motivates your family and loved ones to do the same when they see your progress.

Don't let the title of becoming a runner discourage you. If there's a will, there's a way! You can find running plans and tips at runlikeamother.com.

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