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Help for Bedwetting Teenagers

The teenage years are difficult enough without having to reveal to others that you still wet the bed!  If the young person is dating or sexually active this only makes matters even more complicated. If you can convince bedwetting teenagers that there are plenty of resources available to help with bedwetting and that they are definitely not alone, you are halfway there as it is the self-stigma that does the real harm. Support groups and online health sites are equipped to answer any questions and even offer temporary solutions for young bedwetters. This isn't a quick fix way out or magic cure to stop bedwetting but talking about it is a good start. Discussing your concerns helps to deal with the anxiety that accompanies this predicament.

Remember there are lots of people who regularly wet the bed. There are no set criteria or specific ages that are more affected. Keep that fact in mind when you are annoyed at having to wear plastic pants and diapers to bed. You are certainly not alone.

Where To Get Help For Bedwetting

Look at online support groups that work with teenage health issues as well as your local GP for medical advice regarding any possible illnesses. Teenage bedwetting is not usually psychological in nature meaning that the problem isn't in their heads. The reasons for this problem are complex and so varied that it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint. If there are physiological and psychological factors at play your family GP will be able to recommend appropriate help.

Common Reasons Why Teenagers Wet The Bed:

  • Drinking too much before bed
  • Sleep pattern is deepened with a simultaneous urge to go to the bathroom which means they miss the signal due to a deep sleep
  • Lack nerve control or muscles to keep urine in
  • They simply make too much urine at night and don't wake for some reason

And What If You Don't Usually Wet The Bad? There are lots of reasons that may be the cause of your teenager's bedwetting episodes which may include any of the following. Stress which changes your sleep patterns, drinking alcohol which means you may sleep through the signals or even drinking caffeine drinks before bed as these mean you produce more urine.  Some medicines, a urinary tract or kidney infection, sleep apnea or even a disease like diabetes can be the cause. Taking illegal drugs can also cause an altered mind state where you just don't know that you have to go.

Hopefully this information is helpful. There really is no definitive cure but the good news is that most teenagers do eventually grow out of it.

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