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being-hangry-could-spark-arguments-in-couples-headerRecent fight with your spouse? Hunger may be to blame. 

According to a new study released Monday in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, low blood sugar can make spouses irritable. Researchers reportedly measured the blood sugar levels of 107 married couples over 21 days and asked them to stick pins in voodoo dolls representing how they angry they were at their spouses. The pins showed some interesting results. 

To represent aggression, participants blasted their spouses with loud noise through headphones.  

The results of the study showed that people with lower blood sugar levels pushed twice as many pins into their dolls than those with higher levels and blasted louder noises for longer periods of time.  

"As expected, the lower the level of glucose in the blood, the greater number of pins participants stuck into the voodoo doll, and the higher intensity and longer duration of noise participants set for their spouse," researchers wrote.

According to the study, intimate partner violence is partially related to self control, which requires energy that is often supplied by glucose.  

While being hangry may not be the cause of every argument between couples, try eating a candy bar before you spit out something you might regret later.

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