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moms-guide-to-teaching-kids-confidence-headerMoms thrive on teaching their kids to keep their heads up even when life throws them a curveball. Those disappointments offer great opportunities to teach kids what it means to have confidence when things aren't going your way. Three moms share their tips for raising confident kids in good times and bad.

Teach Your Kids Confidence

  • Make sure you are there to listen to your kids. They need someone to talk to. 
  • Don't allow kids to say “I can’t.”
  • If your kids are nervous to try new things, new sports or groups at schools, ask them just try it once. Make sure they know you just expect them to do their best. 
  • Your kids should always embrace who they are. Maybe they won’t be a cheerleader like their other friends, but they could be killer on the soccer field!
  • Kids are too young to get down on themselves. Lead the way by making it clear that they just need to try and do their best.
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