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the-benefits-of-walking-outside-videoEver wonder if walking outside is better than walking on the treadmill? Here's why getting fresh air is better for you. 

Walking outside boosts brainpower and gives an all-around better feeling because we are experiencing nature with its fresh air and greenery. When the weather stops us from walking outside, a treadmill keeps us moving on those rainy or snowy days.

Here are factors to consider when you're walking outside vs. the treadmill

Walking Outside vs. Inside

Outside Walking

Because of the inevitable hills, people and sidewalks that slope, more muscles are used when you're outside. Stopping and starting at street crossings, moving side to side or walking downhill challenges muscles that aren't experienced with treadmill walking. And the fresh air and nature, which as mentioned above, is great for the psyche.

Treadmill Walking

Treadmills offer workout programs and allow faster movement because there are no obstacles to sidestep. In addition, there is easy access to a bathroom, changing clothes if need be, and hydration. Treadmill walking allows the option of watching TV or listening to music more easily.

Walking just 30 minutes a day can keep your weight in check and add years to your life. Let's stay healthy, ladies!

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